Musical Friday #71

Hello everyone! How was your week?
Mine was alright yesterday I went to a clinic to do an X-Ray because of my occasional painful wrist, quickest things ever, in like 10 minutes I was done! Got in, presented myself, after like barely four minutes of waiting I went to another place, waited another two minutes I went in did the X-Ray and I was good to go.
Other than that do you know that other subject that I talked to you about last Friday? [here] Well there has been some updates... two days later I received an email it didn't feel like a personal email like replying to my previous emails, it felt like a general email to warn people what happened, so long story shorts I guess there was some technological issues and another girl told me that the owner of the website has been sick... okay... I'm human, I have a heart, and I understand that people go through some hard times... but was it really necessary to wait a month and a half for this information? Then on Monday I got an email warning me that my package has been expedited... and now this is another sucky detail, even though it has been a month and a half that I've been waiting for much package I probably still have to wait the 10 to 30 days for the delivery -_- *sigh*, when I say me, I say every other client in the same situation. Not I just pray that I FINALLY get my stuff and that the post people don't F it up.
OH and yeaaahh I created a Tumblr page >.<. I known Tumblr for years now, but I never quite got it what was the purpose of it. Since I follow a lot of Youtubers some of them have Tumblrs, so I started checking out their pages and I decided in order to keep up with their pages it was best to create my own. And so I did. So far what I can say about Tumblr (in my opinion) is a fusion of Blogger+Pinterest in a away. I think Tumblr is best described a place where people share photos, GIFs and quotes. I'm quite enjoy it. Is there any Tumblrs out there? If yes join me :). My page is ku-openingmymind (can you believe that just OpeningMyMind was taken? -_- so that's why I had to put the KU (my name's initials) on the front).
Alright now enjoy the music.

Trey Songz - Simply Amazing

Usher - Dive

Miguel - Adorn

Jay Sean - SEX 101 feat.Tyga

Rick Ross - Touch 'n You feat. Usher

Robin Thicke - Exhale (Shoop Shoop)
The  picture above belongs to Me/Karen U..


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