D.I.Y. #2 When a Paper Towel stand becomes a Bracelet Holder


Yeah that's right, you read it right! So basically Pinterest is AWESOME! Have I ever told you how much I love Pinterest? I think I have!
So I have this board named How to organize/ideas on Pinterest and I love collecting pictures, whether to transform something, or how to do something, etc... One time I saw this picture here, which is basically like a Kitchen/Toilet Paper Towel stand and someone put a bunch of bracelet on it. BRILLIANT!
So the other day I was at a Chinese shop with my mother, spotted a metallic Kitchen Towel stand and decided to buy it.

 As soon as I arrived home over course I took all of my bracelets out of the boxes and OMG .... I have so many bracelets I never thought about it >.<

And I managed to fit about 90% of my Bracelets on there, some of them still have to live in boxes, but it's okay.
So what do you think about it?

These  pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. Fantastic idea. The simplest is always the best!:)

  2. Great idea ! I think I'm going to do this ! :D x

  3. Eu tinha feito o mesmo À uns tempos também (:
    É uma optima opção!
    Beijinhos linda.


  4. Thank you so much, This has got to be the most information, with help and tips through the whole of the internet. Its been truly appreciated.!!

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  5. Óptima ideia em termos de arrumação, não haja dúvida :) mas super chato quando a pulseira que queres é a última da cena XD

    1. Eu por acaso arrumei as pulseira por "ordem de utilização" vá. As que tão no fim são as que eu menos (quase nunca) uso, por isso é na boa. Mesmo guardando todas estas pulseiras em 4/6 caixas diferentes não ajudava muito, porque 1) tinha de encontrar a pulseira que eu queria, e 2) para chegar até ela tinha que tirar tudo. Mas desta forma fico com um pouco mais de espaço na estante.

  6. Thanks for sharing a great idea:))


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