Musical Friday #72

EN: Hello everyone. There isn't much to tell about this week, other than went to another Doctor's appointment, for some reason for last couple of weeks I've been in a mood to burn candles at night, I still haven't received my package that I talked about on last two Musical Fridays posts -_-, filmed another video aaaanndd yeeeeaaah that's about it really.
Oh and P.S.: Yesterday I received a comment on my Blog on this post from AmberHella say uwwhaaattt? *FEELS*!
Have a good weekend! 

PT: Olá a todos. Não há muito para contar sobre esta semana, fui a mais outra consulta médica (consultas de rotina), por alguma razão nestas últimas semanas apetece-me acender velas à noite, ainda não recebi a minha encomenda de que já falei nos últimos dois posts de Musical Friday -_-, e consegui filmar outro vídeo eeeee ééée tudo.
AH e P.S.: Ontem recebi um comentário no meu Blog por neste post parte da AmberHella o quuuÊÊÊ? *FEELS*!
Bom fim de semana!

Nicki Minaj feat. Cassie -  The Boys [Explicit]- New Single - I just can't stop looking at Cassie's legs... that last for days >.<

Rania (라니아) - STYLE 

Azealia Banks - Van Vogue - Love her...

Maria and the Diamonds - How to be a Heartbreaker - Huuuummm those boys... pure eye candy! O_O

miss A [미쓰에이] - 남자 없이 잘 살아 (I don't need a man)- New Single

Ciara - Got me good - New Single

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