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Jewish Cemetery @ Praha
Jewish Cemetery @ Prague
Hello everyone!
Yeah I´m still alive, I haven´t gone in some vacation to a place without Internet and what not... I've been a bit absent from my Blog due to some recent personal things that happened to my Family.
This last weekend my Grandfather (my Mother's father) passed away :(. About two weeks ago he had a heart attack and got better, so we were all hopeful and thinking that the worse was over but unfortunately things got worse and he eventually passed away Saturday evening. He was 79 years old.
What made this situation harder for me is the fact that my Mother wasn't able to participate on the funeral, you see my Grandfather lived in Mozambique (where my parents originally are from) and traveling over there last minute is very expensive, not to mention that my mother would have to pass through the Doctors to check if it is okay for her to go there and what medicine should she take (because she had cancer in the past)... what makes this situation tragic is that since my Mother  (actually also my Father) left Mozambique they have never been back... so my parents haven´t seen their parents in more than 26 years... so my mother didn't have the chance to see her parents one last time before they passed away. Also in a few weeks is going to be a year that my Grandmother (my Mother's mom) passed away aswell.... so it´s all to much for the time being.
Seriously I think my parents life could be converted into a movie, the things that they have been through is uuunnbelievable.
So I hope you understand my lack of post these days. 
R.I.P. Grandpa.
Take care guys. xoxo

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..

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