Musical Friday #62

Hello everyone! How was your week? For me it passed way to fast! 
This week I went to Lisbon to take care some stuff regarding the internship I did in London early this year, in the end I still need to do deliver some documents to my University, nothing bad, the only worrying thing is the fact that or 20% of the money of the scholarship will only arrive in January! If I had balls, they would have fallen right there, when the lady told me about this! I was counting with that money to help return to London like ASAP, now I don´t know what to do.... rsrsrsrsrs ´cause to get a job in Portugal is a fucking good luck case! -_-
Why didn't I just stayed in London! There was one boy that did an internship in Spain and he only came to Portugal for one day to deliver his papers and left the in the same day or the next day, because he managed to get a permanent job in Spain aaagggrrrhhhh!
Other than that, Why I have to spend money when I "don't have" money? Soon I will have to buy a new pair of glasses O_O this will be my 5th pair (in a space of like 12 years) and I've been looking for different type of frames than my current ones, 'cause I can't deal with them anymore so bloody fragile! I´ve been interested in the Nerd/Hipster glasses shape (like the picture above), I did find an interesting pair from the brand TOUS, the were like Lilac around the eye area and then the sides were in white. They were quite cute and the frame shape was nice for my face, my only fear is the colour, even though is lovely I have to wear glasses 24/7 and I don´t know (actually I do lol) if it will go with certain outfits of mine, do you get "my problem"?
Anyways today's videos are in the Rap/Hip Hop area, not everyone's taste most probably.
Have a good weekend.

Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pool (Drank) [Clean Version - New Single - I can not tell you HOW much I LOVE this song! I've been listening to it over and over and over aaahhh so good! This guys is very talented I can't wait to hear the rest of his album.

Kanye West - Mercy feat. Big Sean, Pusha T, 2 Chainz- New Single

DJ Khaled - Take it to the Head feat Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne [Explicit Version] - HOLD UP! HOLD UP! HOLD UP! Drake and Chris Brown in the SAME VIDEO? They defo filmed in different days XD.

2 Chainz - No Lie feat. Drake [Explicit Version]

Chris Brown - Till I Die feat. Big Sean & Wiz Khalifa

Lil Wayne - My Homies Still feat. Big Sean

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  1. Hello there!!! Thx for a nice playslist!!! Love to enter your page!9 Kisses

  2. adorablle post, kisses from,


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