Army Camouflage pattern back in style?


Hello Everyone!
If you tend to visit Fashion Blogs you have probably seen people wearing or at least talking about the Army camouflage pattern that has returned to the Fashion World.
Now like anything in life, some people like it some people hate it. Personally I love it! This love didn't appear overnight. Some of my close friends probably already know this but I am a big Army camouflage Lover! Up until recently I had like 3 tops and a 1 pair of like mid leg pants, which I end up giving to other people because it didn't fit me anymore and I never thought that this style would come back in style. BUT I did manage to keep at least two things that I can recall, an Army style necklace that a dear friend gave me like aaages ago (which currently I'm not sure where it is lol) and this "half" jacket from Stradivarius. I have this jacket since like October/November of 2005. So it's about 7 years old! WOW! When I saw it at the store it was like "Love at First sight", at the time I was rrreeeaalllyy into Army camouflage pattern and anything with the Khaki colour on it. So I bought it, used it a lot during 2005/06 and then he just stayed in my wardrobe for years!
What I have seen other people wearing is more like longer and big/oversized jackets, not quite this style of my jacket.
Army Jacket_1
Army Jacket_2
So what´s your opinion? Do you like this style? Or it isn't really your cup of tea?

These pictures were taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


  1. o casaco ficou super bem nesse outfit. tas super elegante <3

  2. your jacket is awesome! I love camouflage style but in moderation!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  3. Olá linda!! Gostei imenso do casaquinho!! :D

    Em relação aos óculos, é verdade que quando coloco um creme com cor, ou corrector de olheiras eles interferem, e que me tocam um pouco nas bochechas, mas a mim não me incomoda assim tanto! :)

  4. Sim, adoro a tendência e adoro o casaco!


  5. Neste momento posso pensar duas vezes mas depois é "não gosto assim tanto" ou "vou combiná-lo com o quê?" e depois vou trocar ou até devolver, isto nunca vai desaparecer :/
    Não gosto nada deste padrão e acho que as coleções para a próxima estação são das piores que vi! Veludo? Really? Horrível.

    Beijinho :) e como descobriste o meu blog?

  6. I love the camouflage style and your jacket is awesome!! I bought a similar one from zara a few weeks ago! Your combination is great!! Thumbs up!

    Hope you visit me on my blog

  7. Acho a tendência gira e já vi pessoas com looks fantásticos! Contudo, é uma tendência que não me fascina... possivelmente, não vou aderir!



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