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 Hey everyone! What do you think about the shoes above? Two words... "Spikes Love"!
I'll be the first to admit I´m a sucker for anything with spikes and skulls. These shoes are from Bershka, and the pump heels one it was actually my mother that spotted them, and they are 39.99€, it has been like 3 weeks since I first saw them and my mother still asks me "Are you gonna buy them?".They are so cute and that colour matched my skin colour so it would be the perfect nude heels for me. The second shoe I actually saw it today on the website and OMG... I also want them >.< that one will be 29.99€.
What do you think? Quite frankly Bershka has some really pretty shoes right now, if I could, I would buy like half a dozen of them!
Find them here.
Find them here.
These pictures belong to Bershka.com.


  1. I like the heels as well :) to be truly honest i never had any zara/stradivarius/bershka shoes which were foot-friendly, I think they first make them for the looks and then for how comfortable they are, so this could be a downside, but damn it... they are so cute indeed :)

  2. Eu tambem adoro tachas e depois de ver este post fiquei ainda mais maluca. Ai, Karen, as coisas que tu me fazes... Lol
    Fiquei super tentada em experimentar os pretos. Acho-os lindos!!!
    Aqui vou eu para a Oxford Street. Hihihi.
    Tem um optimo fim-de-semana.

  3. Elá, gostei! Esses de salto alto bem que podiam vir cá para casa!


  4. Nude heels- just wow, loving and needing them as well!:)
    Happy Sunday! xoxo

  5. são tão lindooos ! que loucura..


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