Loving | Primark A/W 2012

Hello everyone! Today I will talk about Primark, and some items that I wish I could buy them right NOW!
First I will start by telling you my relationship with Primark, is a bit of love/hate one. I discovered Primark in 2009 when I was studying in Nottingham and I was stupidfied at the time, there were sooooo many options and things were so cheap! But with time I started to notice the consequences of cheap stuff. You know, the jewellery that the colour washes out, the quality of the shoes that is not good the sole is very thin for the sabrinas/sneakers, some shirts are just badly made… etc… but still I shop there, specially for bags and some basic tops. 
When I was in London this year I got the chance to visit Primark almost like on a weekly basis, ‘cause London is full of them and it’s so easy to get to one, not like in Portugal that the closest one for me is at Dolce Vita Shopping Mall and takes me like an hour or more to get there -_-. So I noticed that Primark were stepping up their game, they have more clothing items that are similar to what you can find at shops like Zara, H&M Topshop etc, at a affordable price, which is great, problem is, that the quality is quite not THERE yet with certain items. Even my cousins that have been living in the U.K. they “complain” that Primark is starting to rise up their prices but that the quality is still not there in order for them to have that “luxury” of making things "more expensive".
Anyywwaayyyss enough of that story, let’s talk about what you can find at the stores, and these are my favourite items for the moment!
  Let's start with this leather sleeved jacket. If you are into Fashion you might have seen something similar looking. Like the one from Burberry and after that Zara also did their version and probably other shops as well. And now was Primark's turn and for a price of JUST £25 it can be yours!!!!! GOD I want it so bad!

Black shorts with zippers, for £15.... really? £15? -_- "too much", but I do like them.

Olive/Khaki green saddle bag, for £4. Yeah I'm cool with that.

Bracelet with spikes, pearls and "diamonds" lol, for £4, huuummm hhmmokay, but I would prefer £2/3 haha.

High Top Wedge Trainers, for £15, huuummm I don't know it depends on the quality. Again like before if you read Fashion Blogs whatever, you have seen girls wearing or talking about the Isabel Marant ones, now no offense I don't like hers they look too "fat", but then Asos, Topshop, River Island did their version that is kind like this style from Primark, so they look more tolerant for me. Honestly between these wedge trainers and my Adidas trainers (you can see them on this post here) the only difference is the wedge, which is always a bonus for short girls like me!

So what do you think guys? Do you like these items? Do you like shopping at Primark?
Share you thought and opinions!!!

I do not own the copyrights of these images, they belong to Primark. Some of these images were found at Look.co.uk


  1. Olá minha linda!!
    Eu desculpo ehehehe;)
    Adorei esses acessórios;)
    Manda cá para casa;)

    Beijinhos Grandes;)

    Bom Domingo;)

  2. Como eu adorei esses acessórios e os calções, super giros :)

    Gostei de conhecer este cantinho dear, estou a seguir! Beijinho*

  3. tem peças super interessantes! tenho que lá ir dar um olhinho <3

  4. Love your blog and this post!:)
    maybe we could follow each others?

    have a nice day! xo

  5. Primark is not really popular in China..it's a pity:(


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