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Hello everyone! Just to let you know that I finally joined Pinterest! I actually knew Pinterest for a while, but actually first I met Pinspire first after I saw a certain famous Blogger talking about it and I bet because of her many people (one of them me) joined that website, it is basically the same has Pinterest. After a while there were a few Websites/Blogs that talked a bit bad about this and she ended up deleting her profile on Pinspire and creating one on Pinterest. There is a lot of controversy between those two websites, since I guess Pinterest came first and Pinspire looks basically the same. Bit different is, with Pinterest you have to request to join, or a friend can send you a invitation and Pinspire you can create an account with Facebook/Twitter.
Anyways I´m there - http://pinterest.com/openingmymind/ - join me if you like. The request for me took me like 1 day to get, pretty fast, but if any of you want an invite let me know. 
It is a really cool website. It Kinda goes on the same line as like Fashiolista where you collect images of clothes/accessories from online Fashion websites, and We Heart It where you collect images anywhere from the internet of like cute things, coffee mugs, mustaches, couples, hearts, cutsy stuff. And Pinterest will be like a mix of those two plus more. I feel that when creating a "folder"/"board" on Pinterest it looks so much organized, and you can overview them all better. Needless to say I´m having butt loads of fun with it :D! Although I do have some problems, like with We Heart It you can add fotos from Facebook and Blogs, but with Pinterest you can not add fotos from Facebook -_- and I can´t add fotos from every Blogs. Specially if the person uploads pictures from there Flickr account. The owner of the Blog I guess, has to add some certain Plugin in order for us to Pin the fotos... I don´t know...
Do you have Pinterest? Do you like it?

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..

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  1. have a great start in pinterest dear kisses from,


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