No7 Foundation Match Made Service

 Hello everyone! Today I bring you great news! At least for my followers from the U.K. and Ireland.
So there’s this brand in the U.K. and Ireland called Nº7 and it’s sold at a drugstore called Boots. I guess you can consider Nº7 as a house brand from Boots.
Below you can see the videos that will explain in more detail what’s this post all about, but in short sentences basically they reformulated their foundation formula PLUS they have this machine that takes pictures of your skin to help you find the perfect foundation colour to your skin tone! I wished that every drugstore/makeup stores had a device like this.
How many girls out there has ever gone to a shop and picked up a foundation or even asked for help to the Ladies that work there and then once you go home and use it has nothing to do with your skin tone? *hands up* Exactly!
I really hope this will helps women find their perfect match, I can wait to one day be able to try this device. I currently have one foundation from Nº7 is the Beautifully Matte in the colour 30 Almond, it’s perfect for women with oily skin, for me is a full on foundation. I haven’t used much on the last 2 months just because most of the time I’m at home and even though is good for oily skin I don’t think many foundations can deal with 40 Degrees Celsius heat from Portugal.
Anyways I will leave you now with Lisa Eldridge, she is a Makeup artist and a Creative Director for Nº7/Boots (Check her channel on Youtube she’s amazing! And I think she also works with Channel, or at least I seen her there on their channel).

So girls what do you think? I think is BRILLIANT!!!! 
Is anyone gonna give it a go? 

I do not own the copyrights of these images, they belong to Nº7/Boots.


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