EN: Hello everyone! Today is just a quick post to thank you all for following my Blog. Today I reached 305 followers (and then 306 while I was writing this Blog lol), I know is not much compared to so many of you, but for someone that has a 5 year old Blog it's kinda like WOW! 
Now when I created my Blog I had no idea what was out there, I only started to discover the Blogging World more in 2010 and then I got hocked and then demotivated, I had to take a step back and analyze what was I doing, organize my priorities in life and realize I can't compete with other girls that want to life out of Blogger and be the new IT Girl whether in Fashion or Beauty.
I had to remember myself why did I started my Blog, and it's to share information, make "new friends" from all over the World, even if we never see each other face to face.
 I am not "A Blogger of..." I'm a girl that likes to Blog/Write about stuff. Get the difference? 
Anyways I just wanted to say thank you all, thanks for sticking around!


Thank you for taking the time to visit my Blog. I really do appreciate.
If you are leaving me a comment PLEASE leave a link TO YOUR BLOG if you have one, so that I can reply and pay you a visit aswell.

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