Musical Friday #54

Hello everyone! How was your week?
For me honestly I've been feeling veeerrry tired. Since last week, it kinda been non-stop. So I work from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:30, and I have to travel for like an hour to go to work and return. Last Thursday (from the previous week) I think I went somewhere after work, Friday went to a pub after work, Saturday I did a trip to the south of U.K., Sunday I was completly dead, and since then it's been hard for me not to feel tired have way trough the day. Also this week after work I always have to pass somewhere and once I get home, is not peace and quite, since I'm living with some family members they have a 4 year old boy, and Oh Boy... I guess you can image, he one minute loves me and does what he his told, another is like pure rebellion.... >.<. Normally after dinner I will g to "my" bedroom, and tidy up my things, 'cause in the morning it looks a like a hurricane, and after that I just stay with my computer trying to catch up with some thing and trying to post some for my Blog... but this Thursday I came to  a conclusion I need a small break from my Blog...
Wednesday night when I was writing my The Body Shop haul post, I stayed up till kinda late, and then the next morning I basically overslept... so I realized "Okay this is not right! Blogging for me is more of an hobby not a full-time job like it is for some Blogger. I don't get any money for Blogging so why am I pushing myself so much? This is not fun.". So I decided to take a break and maybe comeback next Friday for the Musical Fridays post. 
I'm 2 weeks away of leaving London, so I want to enjoy more the city, have to start buying some stuff for my mother that she wants (mainly like food spices -_-) and etc...
Oh the great things about this week though... There a free magazine on Wednesdays called Stylist, you can normally find it at the Underground entrance, and there was a page saying that if I took that magazine I could get a free sample of a Guerlain perfume called "Le Petite Robe noire".. and I went to Selfridges and I got one hehe. And then yesterday my cousin that I lived with she gave me 3 more Nails Inc Londn nailpolishes, OMG so now I have 10 of them... never though if would have "so many" in such a sort time of period! lol
Alright then that's all for now, bu don't worry I still visit your cute little blogs during this time :).
Take care and see you next time around!

Kylie Minogue - Timebomb - New Single - This woman doesn't age like the rest of us.... I wish I could get to her age and have a body like that!
Calvin Harris feat Ne-Yo - Let's Go - New Single

Will.I.Am feat Eva Simons - This is Love - New Single

Taio Cruz - There she goes - New Single

Kenzie May - Falling Down mix
This picture was created by Me/Karen U. on PickMonkey.


  1. Beautiful songs!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  2. great songs:) I'm not very tall so I'm wearing high heels as long as I remember:)

  3. Thumbs up for Taio Cruz!!! Have this song every time I walk to work!!!

  4. Ah, Ah!! xD Muito obrigada linda!! =D Gosto das músicas! =D
    Beijoca enorme! =D

  5. I love this week's selection :) do you now realize you have been doing the Musical Friday for more than a year every week! wow :P and u started in Prague hehe; posting is time consuming shush, I know, one of the reasons I dont post that often - you choose life and sleep or blogging and keeping up-to-date with all stuff; enjoy the last two London weeks! :* xoxo

  6. Eu não medi mas devem ter mais ou menos 15 cm.
    Calçada portuguesa? esquece. Ainda não me sinto confortável para arriscar. Apesar de terem um salto muito fino, tem um andar confortável por terem plataforma à frente. Gosto tanto deles. :)


  7. Gladly following your amazing blog! I would be happy to have you as my follower.

    Lots of hugs,


  8. Loving your selection for this week hun, awesome as always!
    Happy Tuesday!! kisses

  9. Olá querida!!
    Saudades aqui do teu cantinho;)
    Também já não me fazia uma visita algum tempo eheheh=)

    Adorei as musicas;)
    Essa musica da Kelly Minogue é fantástica;)

    Beijinhos Grandes


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