Musical Friday #55

Foto taken by me @ Canterbury U.K.

Hello everyone! Did you missed me? No? Huummm okei >.< lol.
I´m Happy that I took this week off Blogging, it turned out this week was a bit of a hell! Monday started with a massive left foot, and some problems on the Overground, in which I had to catch one train and then change to another to continue my journey, then the same thing happened on my way back home -_-, then on Tuesday OH MY DAYS.... it took me 2 hours to get to work - normally taked me 40 to 50 minutes - again some problems on the Overground JESUS! Then on Wednesday my boyfriend tells me that his car was "mugged", actually it was his mothers car. He left for 2 minutes to check something, the people broke two windows and robbed a bag that he had under a sit with his Table and two mobile phones -_- ooohhh boy. Thursday I stayed at home... that time of the month for me, hate it, just hate it... and now Friday I´m completely tired just wanna go to bed.
Not sure what I´m going to do this weekend, but I wanted to see the Christian Louboutin Exhibition, but I haZ no company to go with :/. And I have reached my last week in London, but I really hope hat I can come back and get a job of some sort over here.
Anyways I leave you with some music!
Take care.

Coldplay - Princess of China featuring Rihanna - New Single - There was another video version that I saw that I thought it was the actually videoclip, but I guess it was someone that somehow  got the video just with the Rihanna´s footage and made a videoclip out of it and I thought it was crap... then I saw this video and everything made more sense lol.
Florence + The Machine - Spectrum - New Single

Usher - Climax - I actually can´t remember if I had shared this video or not with you guys, it´s not new. In the mean time he released 2 videos this week, after his concert in London also during this week. They are pretty good song, I have to check the rest of the album!

John West - Nobody - New Single

John Legend - Tonight (Best You Ever Had) featuring Ludacris - Again not a new single, but Le BF shared with me during this week ;). Aaaahhh I miss my Boo so much >.

The picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


  1. Beautiful post!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  2. amazing writting! loved the songs ;)

  3. Loved the songs! Beautiful writing! New follower, follow back? :) x


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