Musical Friday #57

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Hello everyone! How was your week? Well mine nothing special, unpacking and what not and pure laziness! Today I went to the hairdresser to cut my hair, after 6 months :S without cutting it! Terrible I know! But I didn´t want to cut my hair in London ´cause I was afraid lol. There are loads of hairdressers everywhere but I didn´t know if I could trust them... and then the ones that probably would be good, are the ones that charge you £60 and upwards... so I waited and waited till I returned to Portugal.
So today the idea of doing a Blunt fringe came to my head, "Should I do it? Will I be able to deal with hair touching my forehead all the time? Will it look good on me?" Aaahhhh so many doubts! So I shared and old post of mine on my Facebook Page, that has a few pics of Blunt fringes and a friend of mine said that I should do it. And so I did.... ooohhh boy.... Holly S****!
On Thursday I booked an appointment with the hairdresser for 5pm on Friday. Today I arrived at 16:57 and what do I see? An old lady with something going on, on her hair and I guess she was in a middle of a pedicure and the hairdresser was just starting to was the hair of some girl that did some highlights -_-. I know it´s hard times in Portugal and the Lady works alone now... but still kinda sucked having to wait like almost half an hour for your turn, plus I wanted to meet up with a cousin at 6pm to give something for his mother... and because of this I ended up not being able to do it...
Anyways my turn comes, washed my hair and then the cutting comes ppppffff...  tend to be very picky when it comes for cutest and all of this because it doesn´t seemed that hairdressers don´t understand what I want....
- 3 fingers off max (BIG MISTAKE, should have said 1 and a half/2);
- On the back I want a U shape not a V shape;
- I don´t want to many layers on the back;
- There can be layers and the front;
- And a Blunt Fringe, mainly on the front of my head not too much to the sides;
Uuufffff, demanding the little Bitch me no? -_-
My hair was sooooo long, and even though now looking from the back it still looks long, when I pass it to the front it feels so short :(. The layers on the back are good and the U shape perfect.... then on the front the layers were very chop chop choooped, and the fringe DAMN IT! Is not exactly like I wanted and then when I got home and looked in the mirror I notices that is all crocked is not perfectly lined AAHHHH BLASPHEMY! Oh well, now I can´t wait for this thing to grow....
Tomorrow I have a Family Birthday Dinner and I still have to figure out what to dress... damn it why did I left most of my dresses and pretty shoes behind? -_-
Have a good weekend.

Lana Del Rey - National Anthem - New Single - Finally I knew single... just epicness how she kinda plays with the J.F. Kennedy story.
Usher - Scream - New Single - Like the song... but the video is kinda meh... then again I don´t know if it is actually an Official videoclip for the song.

Azealia Banks - Liquorice (Explicit) - New Single - I´m loving this girl and this song purely reminds me of the 90´s... ooohh how I love a good 90´s disco beat!

Chris Brown - Don´t Wake Me Up - New Single -  Aaaannndd another single from Mr. Brown.

에프엑스 [F (x)] - Electric Shock - New Single - I´m starting to fall in Love with Korean Pop music OOMMMGGGGG! >.<

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. Também quando fiz franja pela 1ª vez não amei... levou uns 3 ou 4 cortes até aperfeiçoar ao meu rosto. Mas agora tá ao meu gosto, e adoro franja :) bjinhos!

    1. Olá Líria, pois acredito, entrentanto o "volume" da franja diminuio, mas mesmo assim nota-se que não está perfeita... enfim vou deixar crescer e ver se tento novamente ou desisto de vez >.<


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