Musical Friday #53

Hello everyone and HAPPY CHILDREN´S DAY! I know that all countries celebrate Children´s Day, but at least in Portugal and Slovakia they do XD. What about your country?
Another week has gone by, and the countdown in order to leave London has begun, oh my days! Luckily I won´t have to pack that much just the bare essentially... but then again... now that I´m writting this I´m looking around to my stuff and going like shiiizzz I will need that, that and that for the next 2/3 months lol, and then the point was to come back to London and bring more of my stuff so I don´t have to shop for more clothes, shoes, bags etc... okei will see, will see... 
Today I had a little stupid fight with Le Boyfriend while chatting with him on the internet.. I guess this is what happens with long distance relationships.. I don´t know. We´ve been apart for waaaaaaaayyyy too long >.< I don´t know I really don´t like fighting... I really don´t have the patience....
But after work I went to a pub with my work colleagues and it was nice to relax and have some fun!
Tomorrow I will do a little trip with my friend Zuzana, were are going to Leeds castle and then Canterbury & Dover, on the same day :D. Also this weekend it´s Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Celebration, son on Sunday I might go to some place an "celebrate" it. The city is full of U.K. flags all over the place, plus in every shop you find something dedicate to the U.K. whether is plates, cups, napkins, to towels, flip flops, sunglasses, shirts, bags EVERYTHING! lol It's funny.
Alright now, I´m going to bed, even though is not too late, I have to wake up bloody early -_- umpf!

Jay Z x Kanye West - No Church in the Wild - New Single -

Nicki Minaj - Right by my side (Explicit) feat. Chris Brown - New Single -

Kendrick Lamar - The Recipe (Lyrics Video) feat Dr. Dre

Kanye West - Lost in the World (Explicit) feat Bon Iver

Chris Brown - Sweet Love - New Single -

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