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Yeah you read it right, "Summer Shopping" this post is very delayed one of the reasons why it's because the photos were all over the place. Since my Laptop died I have photos on my old home computer, my personal external drive and another drive that my cousins lent me because I just had to much stuff on my laptop. And since I can be a bit lazy at times (hey I'm human) I wasn't in the mood to search all of the photos in the endless folders that I have nevertheless here is the post here are things that I bought.
Funny enough I didn't buy ANY clothes for myself this Summer, wow Karen wow. Oh I also made a video but it's in Portuguese.

Purple ring
Purple ring from a Chine shop.

Bershka Bag
Bershka purse.

Sephora pencil
 Purple Waterproof Eye Pencil from Sephora

Skull bracelet
Blue Skulls bracelet from Bershka.

A Vanilla and Coconut perfumes from Sephora.

Two dark grey baskets from a super market.

Sephora Tub
Plastic tub from Sephora.

Some face products from Vichy.

Bracelet stand
Paper Towel Stand from a Chinese shop.

yellow bracelet
Yellow bracelet from a Chinese shop.

NGS Laptop Coller from Worten.

 Hama Camera Tripod from Worten.

I don't even know what to call them but it's for baths from Sephora

Man's perfume (free sample from Sephora).

Mag box
Box where now I put some old magazines from Babou.

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. Congrats on your tripod, probably my fave item from your haul.

    1. Thank you. It was a really good investment I was tired of putting my camera on a pile of books and stuff in order to make videos.


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