Musical Friday #75

Hello Everyone!
Well this week I started off with a left foot, kinda. On Monday I went out in the town with my mate bought some beauty products and the BAM the next day I started to feel sick oohhh snap. This was a terrible timing because yesterday (Thursday) I was going to do a oral presentation at my University and I was scared that I wouldn't get better till then. But luckily I did, "God bless the drugs" lolz.
The presentation went great, I don't think I ever had a presentation that it went so well, smooth and like "I got this shiz DOMINATED" like this one. So basically my presentation was about the internship that I did while I was in London for 6 months this year. I had to talk about, what is the company all about, what were my tasks the good and the bad very general stuff, also I couldn't go to much in detail because I signed a "Silent Agreement" with the Company. 
I had to do a Power Point presentation and truth be told I did my Power Point slides whateva on Wednesday, OMG OLD HABITS DIE HARD! You would think that after spending about 18 years of my life in school I should have known better, don't leave things to the last minute.... but it's aalll good :P. I finished all in one afternoon till evening, it was pretty basic, because currently I'm working with a Windows XP and from experience, the Power Points that I do at home always end up different when I use a computer at University, it changes the letters, doesn't do certain effects and on and on.
I don't know how long it took me to do the presentation, it was suppose to be 15 minutes but I'm guessing I did like 20 minutes maybe. And my Coordinator Teacher and the other ladies liked so it's aalll goooddd. 
When I left the place I felt like "Yes Baby" over there in the pictures above HAHA.
Have a good weekend!

Calvin Harris feat Florence Welsh - Sweet Nothing

Ludacris - Rest of my life feat. Usher & David Guetta - New Single

Daley - Remember Me feat Jessie J.- New Single - Okei wow for Jessie's new looks I really like the hair colour change plus the light makeup on her. Fun fact the part that Jessie sings "Remember Me, I'm the one that had you baby" actually belongs to another artist, I guess originally belongs to Marlena Shaw in the late 60's and then in the 90's there was a remix from the Blueboy "Remember Me".

Jermaine Paul - I believe in this life - New Single

Ke$sha - Die Young - New Single - Sheeeee´sss bbaaacckkkk!

Nicki Minaj - Va Va Voom - New Single - This woman makes so many videos that is hard to keep up with lol.

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