Musical Friday #73

Hello everyone. So what do you know, it's November! Wow.
Before November came along, on the 31st of October has you know it was Halloween and like I mentioned before, I went to Akuma Kanji's house and helped prepare the food and her boyfriend carved a pumpkin for me :D, put some makeup on, dressed in dark clothes and we ate... a lot >.< and we watch some movies.
Other than that nothing new, still waiting or MY FREAKING PACKAGE FROM PÓ DE ARROZ -_- [to know what am I talking about please read here] and now I have to do a bloody Power Point presentation for an Oral presentation that I have to do because of the internship that I've done while I was in London early this year *sigh*...
Oh funny thing happened last week, so basically there is an American Youtuber named Tyler Oakley and he did one of those live chats on the Internet, blah blah blah, then Tyler and his friend saw a Tweet from Lindsay Lohan talking about the Hurricane Sandy and they guys told us to tweet Lindsay to join the chat, so probably she got hundreds of Tweets about it and she did end up joining us! Well sort of, so she would be watching the Live chat like the rest of us and the boys asked her questions and Lindsay replied by Tweeting on Twitter. This went on for almost 2 hours I think, Lindsay even followed the boys on Twitter it was so cool! Oh and we ended up trending on Twitter #Hurricane Sassy! haha For more info check out these two videos, this one is from E!News and if you notice the Top comment it's mine and also there is this one from WhatTheBuckShow.
Enjoy the music.

Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah - New Single

EXAMPLE - Close Enemies

TVXQ - Catch me

Sub Focus - Tidal Wave feat. Alpine

Dot Rotten - Overload feat TMS - You may recognize the piano it originally belongs to Robert Miles song "Children" on of my all time favourites.

Fazer - Killer

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