Musical Friday #76

Hello everyone! Hello to the new followers we are 360 over here now :D. How was your week? 
Well this week I decided to dye my hair even though I said I wouldn't I started noticing 3 different colours on my hair and it was really bothering me! So basically I still have black end from the last time I dyed my hair black (September 2011), I let my hair grow but then by April I had this massive contrast of brown hair and black ends, so I dyed dark brown in April. When I arrived to Portugal in June I relaxed my hair and that product sort of "bleached" my hair so that brown became lighter, and then my natural hair came along. In the end I had my natural brown, lighter brown and then black, nonononono this is not acceptable. So I dyed my hair dark brown again aaaannddd it looks waaayy much dark that I expected, I even this is black not brown lol. I have to wait for a sunnier day to really understand the colour. 
Also my MOTHER dyed her hair today, I think for the first time ever >.<. She went to one of those hairdresser schools and they do it for free, so basically she was a "guinea pig" (cobaia). The colour is alright it's basically black, but the haircut rsrsrsr to much layers for my taste... lets see what happens next time when my mother washes her hair and I have to blow dry it.
Aaannddd that's pretty much it really, I have to try and update my damn CV (curriculum), a have a list of video ideas but I can't film now because my dad is at home -_-, I can't be bothered to explain what is Youtube and that what I'm doing is nothing bad *sigh*. I like to be home alone when I film.
Have a good weekend.

Kelly Clarkson - Catch My Breath - New Single

Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire - New Single

Marina & The Diamonds - Power & Control

Naughty Boy - Wonder feat. Emeli Sandé

Maverick Sabre - These Days

Liam Bailey - Please Love Me

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found at Pinterest.


  1. Obrigada pelo teu comentário <3 *-*
    Estou a seguir o teu blog :D

  2. First 2 songs are definitely my favorite! Girls have amazing voices!

  3. aw obrigada :D Tu também tens um cabelão *-*


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