Talent runs in this family - Willow Smith

Who here doesn't know actor William Smith? Okei, he is married to actress Jadda Pinkett Smith, with whom he has 2 kids together, Jaden Smith (who is also an actor) and Willow Smith (that is launching her music carrier now. Will Smith also has another son, from a previous relationship called Willard Smith III.
Anyways, Little Willow, who's now 9 years old (she will become 10 on Halloween's Day) started a music carrier. Her first Single is "Whip my Hair", and even though I'm 24 years old, I digg the song XD. It has a good beat, the girl knows how to dance, and she has a wild cool style. She reminds of a mini-Rihanna, good sense of Fasion, and also Willow's voice remembers at times Rihanna's voice (at least on this song).
So yeah I guess that talent runs in this family :P

Family Picture say chheessseee


  1. Karen... este post realmente não parece de alguém com 24 anos -_-

  2. I have to agree that is one talented family.


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