American's Next Top Model V.S. Britain's Next Top Model

Last week I saw the 6th season of Britain's Next Top Model on the internet, and I’ve been watching the 14th season of American Next Top Model on TV, and I think the U.K. version is better than the U.S. version.... I'm just saying....

The American original version is presented by Tyra Banks, the last season of the British version was presented by Elle MacPherson.

I don’t know why, maybe is the fashion in it, I prefer the British XD, maybe is because I lived in the U.K. for 9 months and I’ve been influenced. hehe

14th season of American Next Top Model. The Models with Top Model Tyra Banks in the middle of the Photo

The Models for the 6th Season of Britain's Next Top Model

Top Model Elle MacPherson and the rest of the Judges of the show

"So... wanna be on TOP!?!? nanananananana"


  1. Só tenho a dizer que o programa da Tyra Banks incita ao racismo... é triste mas é verdade e por isso deixei de ver!

  2. I've never seen the British version. I will have to look it up online.

  3. I love both versions. I'm also watching Australias next top model, thats not as good as these two mind xxx

  4. Well I don't know about the previous seasons of the British version, but this 6th one, I quite enjoyed it.
    The American version, there's too much drama going on o_O lol, I'm kinda tired of that.
    Never saw the Australian version, I might check it out :P

    Thanks for commeting xoxoxo


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