Guess what? .... I'm Black =O

Well in this case I'm kinda talking about my hair XD. Last week I decided to dye my hair black, I was so tired with what was going on with my hair. I basically had 3 colours going on.
So last time I dyed my hair, was in April for my Bday, I dyed with a colour named “Mystic Violet” from Color XXL from Schwarzkopf, on the upper part of my hair and on the bottom I dyed it in Black from Movida from the brand Garnier. So after a lot of washing and a bit of beach and after FIVE MONTHS of course the colours were dead. The violet, which I think it wasn’t really violet, was more like a burgundy, fade out and the black became dark brown, basically my natural hair colour. And Besides having these 2 colours on my hair, I also had my brown roots growing >.<
I never thought it would take me so long to dye my hair again, to cover those colours, I always pointed out girls, “wwhyyyy doesn’t she dyes her hair, I mean look it that, what colour is that? Bla bla bla”, now I know I do realize there are maannnyyy reasons for that:
- The person is tired of dying their hair,
- Realized that dying their hair damages their hair a lot,
- Wants that colour to fade out a lot so that they can dye it in a lighter colour,
- Are waiting for Summer and the beach season to be gone,
- Or simply because they don’t have money to buy some hair dye, because the longer your hair is , the more packages you have to buy.
So I went to a shop here in my town, that sells hair products among other beauty stuff, and I got two packages of the colour Black (Loking at my hair I think this is Jet Black, meaning black black blaaaaaaack). On the next day I went to my friend’s house and she took care of my hair. I can dye my own hair, I done it before, if the last time I did it myself, my it is kinda of a messy job if you do it to yourself. So it was kinda like killing 2 birds with one stone, got to see my friend and catch up, plus she dyed my hair :P
Now I will leave you with the before and after pictures. Click on the pictures to see them bigger, I have written little annotations on them :P xoxo

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. Boa preta, assim é que é! Agora sim, tás bonita, antes com aquele cabelo orrível tavas medonha! -_- Ok... é estúpido porque actually gosto mais como estava antes .___. sue me :(

  2. Loooool, aquele cabelo tricolor todo queimado? oh hell no! haha, tava engraçado em agosto quando o cortei, e estiquei na cabeleireira, ah e tal parece madeixas, mas dp meh, a cor ja tava a ficar queimada de mais para o meu gosto xox

  3. Não desfazendo, gosto mais da foto do antes que a do depois. O cabelo da cor que estava fica.te bem melhor.
    Mas... é só a minha opinião!


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