Throw things away it's hard for me

I admire those people that can just throw things away, with no problems. Every now and then there is a time you need to revise the things that you have and see if you really need them or not. I normally do this once a year, but most of the times I fail >.<

Right now I’m in the middle of that process, and it’s okay, I was able to trough some stuff away, but still have to check revise other areas. Things that I wanted to trough away, but I can’t are boxes of stuff like my Laptop, the external drive, Modem, Router, Digital camera, my MP3, because they are still under warranty, and if something happens to them, I have to take to place that I bought them and take everything with it -_-.

Now I have this new bookcase thingy, and I quite like it. I could put it in the vertical or horizontal, but I preferred the horizontal, because I could use it to put all of shinanigans on top of it (perfumes, facial creams, hairbrushes, jewellery boxes, makeup).


  1. Throw e não trough.
    Já agora, se te ajuda nesse problema, podes deitar as caixas que enumeraste fora, só precisas delas nos primeiros dias da compra, depois só guardas se quiseres (as caixas só são precisas em caso de troca, o que só pode acontecer nos primeiros dias da compra, depois mantém-se a garantia mas as caixas já não precisas delas para nada ;))

  2. Thanks, reparei nesse erro enquanto escrevia o texto, mas esqueci-me de reparar no titulo outra vez, a´s vezes sou pseudo-dislexica com o inglês em termos de escrita.
    Aaaahhh fixe, então sempre dá para deitar fora uma ou outra :P


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