16 years...

Today makes 16 years that my brother Mauro passed away. It was 1994, he was 14 years old at the time, 2 weeks way of becoming 15 (7th of November).

At the time I was 8, in a way I still was a little girl, and receiving this type of news, was horrible… it always is… no matter how old you are.

I remember vaguely the night that I got the news, as well as, the day of the funeral. I do remember kissing him goodbye… he was dressed with a white suit, he looked like he was simply sleeping… I remember being with our other brother Juca, and he said to me “It’s okei sis, you still have me…”

I can say that his death was ‘cause by an accident, but I won’t say the details…. It ain’t pretty…

Today after doing some stuff with my mom, I we were waiting for the train, I asked my mom:

- Didn’t Mauro died today?

- Yeah, 16 years, time flies…- Mom

- Humm yeah.

- We can still go to church today.

- Moooom you know I don’t know how to pray…

- So… it doesn’t matter, come on let’s go.

- Ooookeeii…

So when we arrived to our hometown, we went to the church, and we only caught like 10 minutes of the mass, guess they already changed the schedules for the winter.

Sixteen years and counting, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Love you bro xo xo

Old pictures of me and my brother Mauro.

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