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So I was suppose to upload a video and do a Blog post about a little D.I.Y. project (in case you saw my Facebook page) but life sometimes doesn't go as we planned, which was the case. And ended up having an aunt of mine and her daughter over here, my mom understood that they were coming on Tuesday but nope it was Monday. And then today I went with my aunt to downtown Lisbon for some shopping and boooyy I'm tired.
Anyways today's post is about some series that I've added to my list, currently watching and want to watch.

Starting with Sherlock (2010). Yeah The Sherlock Holmes The! Like the creators have described it in a way "Imagine if Sherlock was alive now." BOOM, there you go. At first I was like "hhhhmmm I don't knooowwww...". I'm quite a fan of the Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law's movie version, I think they have done a great job, so when I started watching the series I didn't expect much. One night they were showing on AXN the 2 seasons (Saturday and Sunday I think) so I started watching but since it was late at night I fell asleep sometimes, so I decided to watched it online aaaaaaannnnd I was hocked like a like a junkie with his drugs lol. 
Either than the fact that the series are so well filmed and put together the actors are AMAZE-BALLS, which makes the series even better. Sherlock Holmes is played by Benedict Cumberbatch (who also recently played Khan on Star Trek Into Drakness) and John Watson is played by Martin Freeman. PLEASE WATCH IT! So far it has 2 seasons, 3 episodes each. Each episode is like a movie because is about an hour and half.
Recently it has been announced that the 3rd season will only come out in 2014, so every fan of the series is climbing up the walls! The series basically come out every two years x_X.

Next is Whitechapel (2009). I never heard of this series and I caught the first episode on AXN Black by luck and I was hooked from the get go. So far there are 3 seasons and seasons 1 and 2 have 3 episodes each and season 3 has 6 episodes. So it's a crime, mystery, thriller type of series and on the 1st season apparently there is this man that is recreating the famous Jack The Ripper murders and of course the police is trying to catch him. Aaahhhhh it's very good.

Another series that I discovered while zapping through channels was Wallander (2008). Okei so I will tell you what I knew and know now. When I started watching the series I saw Tom Hiddleston's nose and was like "Wooow wow wow, wait a minute... is that Tom?", so you can say that the reason I started watching the rest of the episode was because of him. 
At first I had no idea what was going on, I only knew that they were Police Officers/Detectives, most of the main characters seem to be from the U.K. but the place where they were did not look like the U.K., although I don't know the U.K. top to bottom something was off. Then I noticed that Wallander had his steering wheel on the left side of the car, so it's not in the U.K.... WHERE ARE THEY? So I looked it up on IMDb and they are located in Sweden. From what I understood the series is based of a novel from the author Henning Mankell buuuut since 2005 there is also a Swedish version of Wallander (which I haven't seen it yet) and then came the English version with different actors in 2008.
This is a slow-paced series and is also a mini-series, each season contains about 3 episodes. The main character is Kurt Wallander which seems to be a very troubled man.

This next series is no news from most people, it's Hannibal (2013). I've known Hannibal (the movies) for ages now but I never saw them and I had NO IDEA this was based of an actual true story. On Tumblr I see fans making MEMEs/GIFs saying that he his the most polite criminal and I'm all like "What the hell is that all about?". I haven't watch the series yet but is on my list. The first season has 13 episodes.

Believe it or not there is another Sherlock Holmes series out there but on this one Sherlock (played by Jonny Lee Miller) is still from the U.K. but apparently he lives in New York and Dr. Watson is played by a woman actress Lucy Liu. Elementary (2012) is the name of this version of Sherlock Holmes and it's also placed in the 21st Century. This series is also on my list to watch.

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  1. Fiquei curiosa com a segunda e com a penúltima :-P

    1. Aaahh eu adoro adoro Whitechapel tenho pena que seja só uma mini-série :(. Eu ainda não comecei a ver Hannibal, isto porque ainda estou-me a actualizar com outras séries que tenho seguido.


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