Outfit #13 - Let's go to the beach

EN: Hello Bananas! In the last 2 weeks I've been to the beach already 4 times. It might not be much for some of you but for me it is. Lately traveling to the beach, although is more accessible it's getting more and more expensive, I've been lucky enough to go with some of my friends by car.
I've never been crazy about getting tanned but over the last 3 years I die for one. Since 2009 I've been leaving abroad in countries where the sun is a bit shy and there's no proper beaches so whenever I return to Portugal I'm "kinda of" pale and desperate for some colour.
When I go to the beach I try not to forget my cap - to protect my head of course -, my sun glasses - so that I don't spend all day squinting my eyes -, a lip balm because I have dry lips - and sun block - although I want to get tanned, I don't want any skin problems. And even using sun block I still can tanned but at least it's a healthy tan and not a sun burn.
Remember girls  ALWAYS use sun block, I'm sure you don't want to get skin cancer or have horrible skin when you get older.
What are your beach essentials?

P.S.: I really want a Tribal/Aztec bikini even though I don't need a new bikini right now lol.

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