Musical Friday #111

EN: Hello Bananas!
Today I went to the cinema to see the Pacific Rim movie and it was actually better than I anticipated. When I saw the trailer a few months ago, involving big robots and monster, my mind, as we ll as other Anime lovers, went straight to Neon Genesis Evangelion but is not necessarily the case, which is great. If you like Robots and Monster Action Adventure films, go and check it out. There was only 6 people in the room, me my 3 friends and another couple (that I don't know), this was the 1PM session that's why it was so empty. I feel sorry for the couple that was in there because I'm not the one to talk a lot in the cinema - I normally just make side comments or jokes - but today we were unstoppable >.<.
Other than that tomorrow I'm going to visit some family members of mine, some of them are the family that I lived with back in London last year. A family member of mine is in the hospital so we are going to pay her a visit.
Have a good weekend.

P!nk - True Love feat. Lily Allen

John Newman - Love Me Again

Sombear - Love you in the dark

Marina and the Diamonds - Lies (Part 109 - New

Olympe - Born to Die (cover song)

Rudimental - Baby feat. MNEK & Sinead Harnett

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Tumblr.


  1. Oh no! I hope your family member gets well soon! <3

    Lovely song choices! Had a good time listening to each one of them bright and early at work this morning (clearly not actually working!) hehehe

    New follower xxx


    1. Hiya Jade.
      Thank you for your concern. She is feeling a bit better now :).
      Welcome to my Blog :D


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