Things that make you go huuummm! #11

EN:  Hello Bananas!
Last Friday I made some pancakes/crepes. I say pancakes/crepes, because some were big and slim and other small and thick. It has been a big fat while since I made some, so I blame it a bit on a lack of habit.
A few years ago I used to be a bit better at it. Me and my girl friends would get together and do a pancake/crepes Festival and have different topings, from the traditional jams and honey, to fruit, Nutella, chantilly/whip cream, cheese, ice cream etc.
The biggest Crepe Festival I ever been to was when I was living/studying in Nottingham U.K. back in 2010. There was a house gathering and the French girls were responsible for making the crepes and there was probably at least 20 people in that house. I do miss a big house party sometimes.
What's your favourite toping?

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