Musical Friday #109

EN: Hello Bananas!
Other then going to the beach again this week, which left me completely TIRED the next day, I also got my new I.D. card, the photo doesn't look that bad, it could have been better but I also had worse so it's o.k..
But the best thing of the week is that the process of evaluation - let's call that - of my (and others) report for the Leonardo Da Vinci program - a internship program  I did last year - IT'S FINALLY OVER! I can't believe this whole shenanigans took about a year and how much it delayed my life *ugh*. 
Now if hopefully nothing goes wrong in my life I will start planning my looonnggg waited return to London >.<.

Justin Timberlake - Tunel Vision - New - You might or not have the need to have a Youtube account  in order to see this video, simple because it has a age restriction because there are a lot of naked Ladies in this video. Which is quite the controversy, some people have no problem with it because he does it in a "artistic" way and other don't like it.

Lana Del Rey - Summer Wine

Mayer Hawthorne - Her Favorite Song - New

Lee Hyori - Amor Mio

History - Dreamer

Fantasia - Without Me feat Kelly Rowland & Missy Elliott - New - Somene that I haven't seen in FOREVER... Missy Elliott. I miss her so much!

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Tumblr.

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