Musical Friday #108

EN: Hello Bananas.
I know I know I've been a bit absent of the Blog again. To tell you the truth these last days I don't feel like spending time in front of my computer. In a few weeks it's going to be one year since my laptop broke down and since then I'm been working with my home computer which is about ten years old. To make matters worse my bedroom blinds broke and my father will only be able to (hopefully) fix them this Sunday and not to mention it is hot like hell these days. So because of this I can't stand be in my bedroom it's a freaking sauna. I only come in at night when it's a bit (just a bit) cooler.
Anyways this last Tuesday I went to the beach (my third time this year) it was lovely and the water was aammmaaazziiinngggg. Never though that I could feel such warm sea/Atlantic Ocean here in Portugal.
And on Wednesday I took care of my new I.D.. Now I will have one of those new cards that have a bunch of information and personal numbers and the photo most of the time is awful because you have to take it at the place #EyesRolling. Back in the day we used to take picture somewhere else and then give it to the people that do the I.D.s but we take them on the spot and the photos most of the times make you look like you are going to jail. So I spent a good half hour doing a no makeup Makeup Look in order to look decent.

Stromae - Papaoutai - This is the song of the week for me. Non-stop replay. In case you are not familiar with Stromae a few years back he had two very popluar songs named "Alors On Danse" and "Te Quiero".

Ciara - I'm Out  feat. Nicki Minaj - New

Jason Derulo - The Other Side 

The Saturdays - Gentleman

M.I.A. - Bring The Noize - New

Scotty Rebel - Bang feat. French Montana (Explicit) - New

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