Musical Friday #99

EN: Hello Bananas!
Last Friday something not so funny happened... I accidentally deleted my Musical Friday Playlist on Youtube -_- aaggrrrhh. Basically on Youtube I have a private playlist of mostly new songs that I discover and I want to feature on my Musical Friday posts and once I use a song I delete it from the list but the last time I did it, I clicked the wrong button and it deleted my playlist >.<.
I could only remember some of the songs in order to create a new list because the list had like 40 to 60 song I think... Oh well!
There has been to things that pissed me off this week. One being the fact that my neighbours don't hold the buildings entrance door while entering or exiting and every freaking time it's like vvruuuumBAM BOOM...I swear one day that door will fall apart. And the second thing is phone calls, so basically a Portuguese company (PT) calls my house asking if I use any cable service and for how long have I been using... okay... the annoying part is when they call like 3 to 5 times PER DAY asking the SAME THING! What kind of crappy shitty system do you guys have? And every time me and my mother tell them "But one of your colleagues already called." they say "Oh really? I'm sorry... I didn't have anything here in the system.", same reply all the time... one day I will snap on the phone -_-. I worked in a call-center before (not the same kind of service) but every time there was a call either incoming or outgoing we had to register what we talked about... of course there was always some penises that never wrote anything -_- but I digress.
Happy Weekend! And don't forget to check out my previous post for some inspiration for May :D.

Alicia Keys feat. Maxwell - Fire We Make - New - Like some people said in the comments, "Some one is going to get pregnant tonight" XD It's THAT type of song hehe.

Ciara- Body Party - New - This video kinda reminds me of Janet Jackson "That's the way love goes" video.

Miguel feat. Kendrick Lamar - How Many Drinks? - New

Cassie - Numb feat Rick Ross - New - I can't wait to hear the rest of her new album.

Chris Brown - Fine China

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Pinterest.


  1. Oi flor!
    Acredita que não conhecia essas músicas? Faz muito tempo que não ligo rádio, então estou por fora mesmo... adorei essa do Chris Brown ;)

    Blog Makes da Mi // Fanpage

    1. Oi Miriam . Acredito sim ;), não há problema acontece.
      Eu não oiço música na rádio faz um tempão. Eu antigamente descobria novas músicas na TV (MTV, MCM, VH1 etc) hoje em dia é pelo Youtube.

  2. absolutely love your taste in music! we like the same music hehe:)
    the photo of NYC is so beautiful <33


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