Wishlist #1

EN: Hello Bananas! You've seen this type of posts around in the BlogOspehere at some point and mine is no different.
Today I was at Fashiolista and there were a few things that I really wish I had them in my life... but I can't have them... for the time being.
What do you guys most wish for right now?

PT: Olá Bananas! Vocês de certeza que já viram este tipo de post pela BlogOesfera e o meu não será muito diferente.
Hoje passei pelo Fashiolista e houve algumas coisas que adorava ter tipooooo AGORA na minha vida... mas de momentos não posso.
O que é vocês mais gostariam de ter agora?

- Shiseido Brush - Since I saw that brush in someone's makeup tutorial I was like I NEED TO HAVE IT!
- Black Varsity7 Denva Jacket from Topshop by The Ragged Priest - It's In and it has spikes, what more can I want?
- Zara Envelope Bag - Since I saw Lilly Pebbles with one, it was like Love at first sight. Today I was in Zara but I only saw that envelope bag attached to another popular Zara bag from last year, I was like "what the hell?" but there is suppose to be a separate version as you can see in the picture and it's pretty affordable about 12,95€ I think.
- Golden Chain Necklace - Yep I want one of those too.
- Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini White Bag - Isn't adorable? And expensive as fudge, about 195€ (250$) FFUUUUUUU.
- Channel 583 Taboo nail polish - AMAZING! I feel like I'm looking into space.
- Mandy Mint Pumps - I haven't giving up getting a pair of shoes like this style. I can't afford Jeffrey Campbells (The Foxy's) right now and in Portugal SEASIDE has a cheaper version but the quality hhuuummm it doesn't look like it will last long.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. The Collage was made via Polyvore website.


  1. Oooo...looks like an interesting list that will get you ready to rock a fabulous party! Hope you have been well my dear!
    May xx


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