Musical Friday #102

EN: Hello Bananas! Yesterday I finally decided to go and cut my hair, it was something that I was delaying for months now, simply because "my" hairdresser has left the country :(. If you are a girl and if you ever had a bad experience with hairdressers (in my case about 2/3 times) you know how hard it can be to trust your hair with someone new. That's why that for the last 3 years I was going to this Brasilian lady hair salon. Although she always a cut my hair a bit too much it always looked well cut.
Last time I cut my hair was in June 2012, yeaaahhh terrible I know, so my mother suggested me to go to or previous house (where we live now) owner, it's someone that we know, it's not too expensive, ok.
She washed my hair, cut it, blow dried, she was very nice, I guess the best thing about her is that I told her that I just wanted to cut the split ends and that is what she did, she didn't cut too much of my hair but OMG once I got home I saw the disgrace.
She blow dried my hair straight but my ends were looking shitty so I fixed it by passing the straightener, I asked her to cut my hair on the back with a U shape and for me it looks more like a V shape. And today I asked my friend to take a picture of my hair from the back and my eyes rolled, it's so badly cut. She supposedly has a carrier of 20 years and that's the best she can do? Not to mention that once I got home I noticed that the front on my hair one side was layered nicely and the other not really, which made me roll my eye once again.
Sooooo NEVER AGAIN. I already told my mother not to go there, 'cause God know what she would do to her hair.
Adios Muchachas.

Jennifer Lopez - Live It Up feat Pitbull - New

Lee Hyori - Bad Girls - New - Seriously the eyebrows XD!

G-Dragon - 미치GO

 VIXX - hyde - New

will.i.am - Bang Bang - New - From I understood this song his related to the The Great Gatsby movie, part of the Soundtrack or something.

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Tumblr.

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