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EN: Hello Bananas! Today I have another video for you. It's sort of a small review of some The Body Shop products that I bought while I was in London last year and I already did a a Haul posts, well if you want to see closer pictures of the products click [here]. Other than that the video is in Portuguese, but below the video I did a small resume of what I said in the video about each product. Hope you like it.

PT: Olá Bananas! O post the hoje é sobre outro vídeo meu. É de certa forma uma review que fiz sobre os produtos que comprei da The Body Shop no ano passado quando andava por Londres. Eu na altura fiz um post com todos os produtos, se quiserem ver as fotos - com uma qualidade decente - cliquem [aqui]. Espero que gostem.


Products mentioned / Produtos mencionados
- Lip & Cheek Stain in 02 Bronze Glimmer, that came with the June issue of Marie Claire. / Stain para os Lábios e Bochechas em 02 Bronze Glimmer, que veio com a edição de Junho da Marie Claire. - As the name suggests you can use it on your lips or cheeks. I don't use it on my cheeks since I have a bit of a oily skin but when I tried it, after bleending I'm mostly left with gold glitter on my cheeks. Regarding the colour it's definitely on the bronze side with a golden shimmer/glitter. For me it has a cinnamon smell and when you apply it it always has a cooling feeling as well as it tingles on the lips for a little while, I don't know if it meant to do that. 

- Two eye pencils one in 06 French Navy and the other 01 Black, they came with the July issue of InStyle magazine. / Lápis para os olhos um em 06 Frency Navy e o outro 01 Black, que vieram com a edição de Julho da revista Instyle. - For me personally I don't think that they are the best eye pencil out there. I feel that they are a bit on the dry side and because of that I have to put a bit more effort when I use them, which is bad because you know... it's an eye!

- Born Lippy LOL in Strawberry flavour Lip Balm. / Born Lippy LOL em formato bâton com sabor a Morango  - I use this one on a daily basis but is not my favourite lip balm in the world. I'm basically using it in order to finish it. It doesn't last long on the lips what-so-ever. 

- Born Lippy, Watermelon flavour. / Born Lippy com sabor a Melancia.- Really like this, it has a sort of "glossy" finish but is not necessarily last longing.

- Lip Butter, Mango flavour. / Hidratante para os Lábios com sabor a Manga.- I prefer to use this one at night, it has a thick consistency. After I wash my mouth at night I normally get extra dry lips, so before I go to bed I use this lip butter.

- Shimmer Cubes, Palette 24 from the Lily Cole collection. / Shimmer Cubes Paleta 24 da colecção da Lily Cole. - With the shades 01 Think Pink, 02 Live Lilac, 03 Go Violet and 04 Tint it Pink. These eyeshadows like wow, uufff, these are so big each little cube has 3.5g it will last you a life time. They are pretty shimmery - has the name suggests duh - with a O.K. pigmentation.

- Big and Curvy Mascara in shade 01 Black. / Rímel Big and Curvy em 01 Preto. - The brush on this mascara is very slim and I recommend scrapping as much excess you can or else you are going to have clumpy eyelashes - unless that is what you like. I trick that I learned with Michelle Phan is to use like a business card put it behind your eyelashes and apply your mascara and the excess will stay on the card. Oh and this mascara smells like cinnamon as well (what's up with that?), other than that it's a good mascara.

- Eyeshadow Brush. / Pincel para sombras. - There is not much to say, it's a good brush it does the job. I like it more for creamy eyeshadows than powder eyeshadows.

- Liquid Eyeliner in 01 Black. / Eyeliner Liquido em 01 Preto. - A product that didn't make it to my video was the eyeliner because my camera turned off while I was filming but I had no idea that the camera cut out the part about my eyeliner, anywayyyysss  it's a good eyeliner it has a spongy tip and it dries matte. 

EN: So guys what do you think? What's your experience with The Body Shop products?
PT: Qual é a vossa experiência com os produtos da The Body Shop? Gostam ou passam bem sem eles?

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


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