Musical Friday #85

Hello Bananas! *Sigh* The quote above describes what I'm feeling right now towards a person that I know. 
I know people do stupid things for Love but OH MY GOD, sometimes I just want to slap that person due to her stupid decisions. She is not my child, is a grown ass woman with her own child and you would think that she would know better... NO! *faceplam* 
Why even bother ME for hours on end about such a miserable guy (the Ex), that hasn't changed for the last 6 years, that does nothing right, is a pothead, that cheats on you left and right and You KNOW ABOUT IT, and then tell me that you are moving on, to do better things for you and your child and in the end you go back to him? WTF??????
Gurl you ain't worth it. "I won't cry for you, my mascara is too expensive".

Have a good weekend you guys! x

Iggy Azalea - Murda Bizness feat. T.I.

50 Cent - Major Distribution - New Single

K. Koke feat Rita Ora - Lay Down Your Weapons - New Single

Kid Cudi - King Wizard

Kanye West - Cold (Thera Flu) feat. DJ Khaled - There is another version of this video where Kim Kardashian appears for like a split second [here]. There is a part of the lyrics that goes like "And I'll admit, I feel in love with Kim / 'Round the same time she had fell in love wit' him", when the song came out the expostulation was that the "Him" is Kim's previous partner Kris Humphrey (the one that she is still married to although they separated back in October/November 2011).

I do not own the Copyrights of this picture. It was found via Tumblr.


  1. Love the quote!


  2. Sometimes it just happens. We only realize when something very bad happens.

    1. I know, and that is what is sad about it, because she could completely avoid this problem.

  3. OI Karen :)
    Acontece temos que ser fortes e largar o que não nos faz bem.Essa frase da A.Lima diz tudo!!
    Todos estes vídeos são novos para mim,música que envolve 50 e Snoopy tem sempre $,mulheres e fumo.Gostei do beat!!bjs

    1. Eu bem lhe avisei, vezes sem conta mas a moça ou faz-se de surda, ou faz-me de parva. :S
      Ainda bem que gostaste da música.

  4. Pois...falta de amor próprio querida, gostar mais dos outros do que de nós e acharmos que não merecemos melhor ;)


  5. Sometimes I feel like that when it comes to me... I've taken much too much crap from my bf and still... I don't know. Something just hit me when I read your words. We say "fuck it, I love me better" way to little.

  6. Olá Karen,

    Eu também gosto muito.
    Mas já estou a usar menos.

    Muitos beijinhos
    MUAH* <3

  7. Adoro a frase da Adriana! haha That's the spirit!
    Eu acho que nesses casos (potheads) deve-se dizer o mínimo possível. Por um motivo muito simples: em vez da própria pessoa se tornar a força anti-"someone", somos nós a fazer esse papel e a pessoa não tem de o fazer. 'Tou fora!

    xx, Sandra @ Blasfemmes.com


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