August's Resume #9 @Prague

Hello Bananas! OMG I can't believe that it has been 3 months since I wrote one of these post baahhhh! Anyways today I will talk about my month of August from when I was living in Prague in 2011. WOW 2011, Jesus! Time flies. I will do another post for September and that's it really, because I left Prague in September. Then if you guys want I can do like a post talking about my thoughts of the city, the ups and downs in case one day any of you go there.
So here we go.

For the first two weeks of the month of August my housemate Aya was away on a tour. For those that don't know this, Aya is a ballerina (ballet dancer) and in August Kanye West was doing a European tour.... yeah that's right, Aya had the great opportunity of going on tour with Kanye (I'M ONE PERSON AWAY FROM KANYE HAHA). And you are probably wondering what does a ballet dance has to do with Hip Hop? Well at the time Kanye had his "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" album out and if you seen any of his videos for his singles, there is a song called Runaway where there is ballerinas in it and ACTUALLY one of those ballerinas is Aya's friend and work colleague Jade :P. So yeah basically Kanye wanted dancers on stage for songs like Runaway. So yeah for two weeks she was on tour with him, she even came to Portugal for the TMN Sudoeste Summer Festival.
If you want to see her, check out this video, it is one of the best videos that I managed to catch so far, you can spot her at 7:30 when there is only two girls dancing and she is the one with black hair (she's Japanese) :3.

Also during those two weeks (or a week and half) a friend of mine came to visit me from Portugal. At the time I was still working but I managed to have some days off so that way we were able to explore the city of Prague together.
My friend Vanessa arrived on the 5th of August if I'm not mistaken, I went to the airport to pick her up, we went to my place, chillaxed a bit, probably ate something and then we went out. We walked around the city center went to the Rock Candy shop and shared a waffle with chocolate and whipped cream and then we went to a birthday party of my friend/work colleague's house mate, and there was a lot more of my other work colleagues over there. After some drinks and food a lot of talking we went home because I think I had to go to work the next day in the morning :S.

On the 8th of August me and Vanessa went to visit a place than I never thought I would be visiting for the sake of visiting. We went to not one but two cemeteries >.< yep that's right (located in Prague 3 Zizkov, the closest Metro station is Zelivského) but oohhh my god, these were the most amazing cemeteries ever that I didn't feel like I was IN a cemetery, it was non creepy at all (well at least for me, then again I went during the day >.<). The first one that we went to was were we spent most of the time and it was hhuuggeee and full of trees and the graves/tombstones were so amazing just see the pictures.

And then the second cemetery was just across the road from where we were and it was actually a Jewish Cemetery (the new one because there is another aka the old one, located in the city center) and wow it is also beautiful and I massive, we didn't had enough time to walk around everything because they were closing at 5PM or something, but we managed to find the famous Dr. Franz Kafka grave.

On the 12th we went to the ZZZOOOOOOOOO yeah! Uuufff what a Zoo, it's located in the Prague-Troja area (Prague 7). To go there we first took the metro/subway/underground till Nadrazí Holesovice and from there you take a bus the 112 that ends the journey right in front of the Zoo, you can't miss it.
In 2007 Prague's Zoo it was considered by Forbes Traveler the 7th best Zoo in the world :D. It is MASSIVE, make sure you take your good walking shoes, because the Zoo is located in sort of a mountain area, so there is a lot of going up and then going down to do. The Zoo at the time was a bit under construction because I guess a few years ago there was a flooding incident and so there were "re-locating" some of the animals but also in order for that to happened they had to build new "habitats", so one of the animals that we ended up not seeing there was the elephants.
Overall I really liked the Zoo, since it's so big and spacious there is no problem with "traffic of people" get it?

After we left the Zoo we visit another place, again across the road lol, I'm not 100% what was it XD. But the power of Google helped me and it was called the Troja Chateau or Troja Palace. It had this lovely massive Palace and a garden around it so we took a bunch of pictures :P. You can check more historical info here on Wikipedia.
Not too far away from where we were there was a Botanic Garden (Botanická Zahrada Praha) but since we arrived there almost at the end of the afternoon and we had to pay and it was starting to rain we gave up. But I definitely want to go there one day. I've seen some pictures on Google and it looks amaze-balls.

Then during the weekend that followed, Vanessa flew back to Portugal and I think on the same day in the afternoon my house mate returned to our little home. In the next days we caught up with what happened during the last two weeks and in case you were wondering yes Kanye is a cool guys lol.

A week later on the 19th of August my boyfriend arrived to Prague he stayed for 2 days and half and then on the 21th in the afternoon we started our Europe road trip. Passing a night in Munich the we went to Venice passed by Milan and then Torino, then Paris and ended in Barcelona and I returned alone to Prague because I still had to finish my internship lol.
I can do a separate Blog post about our road trip if you wan just let me know.

And that's it for the month of August, only another month to go now.

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These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. glad to see and read that you had lots of fun! great photos!


  2. Que girooo, também queroooooo!! xD Deve ter sido mesmo muito giro! :D Beijoca grande e obrigada por passares no blog! <3

  3. It looks like you had fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog, would you like to follow each other?

    Much Love

  4. Prague seems to be an amazing city!
    xoxo from Brasil

  5. Praga parece ser uma cidade linda! Gostava de um dia a poder visitar :) Adorei as fotos!!
    Ps: Pois, eu também só quero ver os exames pelas costas. Acho que também não vou sentir falta deles :) Obrigada!


  6. I have always wanted to visit Prague. It looks so beautiful there. I also love all of the pictures from the zoo. The animals are all so stunning.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights


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