Dream House #9

EN: Hello Bananas. Today's post will be about bathrooms. For me the perfect bathroom needs to be big, his and hers bathroom sinks, I like windows in a bathroom and in a way I'm more of a shower girl then a bath girl, but of course if money was no object and I was building my dream house I would have both things.

PT: Alô Bananas. O post de hoje é sobre casa de banhos. Para mim a casa de banho perfeita teria de ser grande, com pias/lavatórios para ele e para ela, eu gosto de janelas na casa de banho e apesar de eu ser uma pessoa mais virada para os duches do que necessariamente banhos, se o dinheiro não fosse um obstáculo e se eu estivesse a construir a minha casa dos sonhos eu teria as duas coisas.

Source: houzz.com via Karen on Pinterest

Source: hgtv.com via Karen on Pinterest

EN: So what about? Do you ever dream about your perfect bathroom?
PT: Então e vocês? Costumam sonhar sobre a vossa casa de banho perfeita?

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  1. I love that sleek and sophisticated white...gorgeous!!


  2. OMG! I'm drooling over these bathroom photos! I can't really pick a favorite but I'm leaning towards the one in the last photo! And I'm a shower girl like you, but I do like to have the option for a bubble bath from time to time. :)
    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog.

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  3. The first picture is the dreamiest to fit in my dream house! Bathtubs are completely irresistible! My dream house would have it in all its rooms. How about the exteriors? Did you write a post about the design of your choices? =)

    Sara Owens


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