Lana for H&M and RiRi for River Island

Hello Everyone! The Ladies above need no introduction, but just in case you don´t know them - and if don´t... where have you been? - on the left is singer Lana Del Rey and on the right also singer and I guess sort of an actress Rihanna.
And soon this is what is going to happen... no they are not getting together and do a duet - not that I know of - but each of them are getting to together with a clothes brand. This Tuesday was announced that Lana Del Rey will be the new face of Swedish brand H&M for this year´s Fall campaign. Now I don´t know if she will be just the face or also has some input on the clothes design. But apparently on the 19th of September it will be released a video commercial with Lana singing a famous song "Blue Velvet", a request made by H&M.
Now as for Rihanna, this one opposite to Lana's announcement, I haven´t seen many people talking about it, maybe because River Island (a U.K. brand), even though is sold Internationally, with cool kinda expensive clothes, still is not has BIG has H&M. Anyways yeah, on Monday was announced that Rihanna will collaborate with River Island for 2013 Spring Collection. And apparently Rihanna was the one that approach River Island, read the news HERE. Now I wouldn't imagine Rihanna with River Island, I think that Rihanna would be a better match with TOPSHOP, but never the less I´m excited to see what is she going to do!

Are you guys curious as well to see both of these Ladies collections?

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  1. Looking forward to see the results of those collaborations, especially Lana for H&M!! Happy Friday hun!

  2. Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:



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