Musical Friday #59

Day 10,705 Do Not Disturb
Photo belongs to fei * BUSY!!!
Hello everyone! How was your week? Mine was pretty boring, I guess the highlight was yesterday when I met with some friends. Other than that what I can say, I´m revising the series DEXTER, the 7th season is coming THIS YEAR! WOOT WOOT! Some of you may already know this, but I loooove Dexter, it never gets boring for me, I´m simply amazed how the writers, producers who ever is responsible for this, has been able to continue the series in such a good way. Truth be told each season only had like 12 episodes, maybe that´s the secret, so it doesn´t get boring fast.
Also this week I decided to start doing, although sllooowly a clean up to my room. I´m trying to throw some stuff I don´t need. Of course I´m not as strong as another friend of mine, you can check her Blog here, every now and then she does a biiig clean up, and I guess this time around she discovered another Blog that talked about that, The Busy Woman and the Stripy Cat, just throw away anything you don´t need, you don't use. I wished it was that easy, as Black and White for me, but I always find a reason to keep stuff, which is terrible. But for some reason I only feel like cleaning late at night. I put on Dexter playing on my computer and check my stuff, separating anything that can be recyclable off course :).
Right now I´m gonna lay in bed, I´m not feeling well since this afternoon, I guess it was something I hate :S. I wanna try and get better cause have plans for tomorrow.
Have a good weekend!

2NE1 - I LOVE YOU M/V - New Single

Ellie Goulding - Hanging On feat. Tinie Tempah - New Single - Everytime I listen to Ellie or Tinie it reminds me of my time as an Erasmus student in Nottingham, ahhh good times.

Trey Songz - Heart Attack

Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes - New Single

Kelly Clarkson - Dark Side


  1. cool songs! xx


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  3. great songs! thanks for sharing!
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  4. Musical Friday!!! Hooray!!!!!!!
    And I should say, I totally share your love about DEXTER!!!! Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna have a heart attack while watching it:)


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