Musical Friday #58

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Hello everyone! How´s everybody doing? 
I thought this was going to be a pretty calm boring week but a few things here and there happened. 
Starting last weekend I went for a Family Birthday dinner, after that me an my cousins went to some Discos in Lisbon till the break of dawn (@ Cais do Sodré and Docas)... my feet were ssooo dead.. crappy shoes! Anyways during the week on Tuesday there was a power cut in my town... one those that go and comeback in like 2 seconds and basically can damage your technological stuff in no time. This is what killed my laptop last year, this time he survived but the next day when I turned on my Laptop is started to make a weird sound... now he is working well but when I turned it off is still making a weird sound... GOD everytime I return to Portugal I have problems BAH!
Today I decided to by a Laptop cooler, so far is working well, nevertheless in case I don´t like I have 15 days to return it ;).
Oh and today I went to my University in order to deliver some papers from my Internship shenanigans.... but I end up being invited to participate on a meeting/presentation of the Leonardo Da Vinci program for the next year XD. I had NOTHING prepared, so I wrote a few things on my notebook just to orientate myself, and after 2 collegues of mine talked about their experience, I talked about mine. Actually two of them, this recent one in London, plus the previous one that I did in Prague. Overall I think it went well :P.
The above pictures are two outfits that I wore when I was in London, the jeans look was for my Birthday back in April and the dress one was for the First Holy Communion of a little girl that I know. Some of you guys asked me to share the outfits and I end it forgetting about it, so here there are. If you want you can "vote" for me Outfits at Chictopia and Chicisimo!
The music selection for today is more indie rockish, the type of music I would like to hear right now at a Summer Festival... I haven´t been to one in freaking ages!

Fun - We are Young feat. Janelle Monáe - The song is not young (get it? ´cause the title says We are Young? -_- ) but I only discovered like in late May or something and never shared

The Cribs - Come on, Be a No-One

Zulu Winter - Silver Tongue

Spector - Celestine

Kaiser Chiefs - Listen To Your Head

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. <3 pink <3 you are very cute ! :) <3

  2. Ficas tão bem de rosa :)


  3. Olá Karen :)
    Gostei de conhecer o teu blog, estou a seguir :)

    O rosa fica-te muito bem, o vestidinho é super fofo :)


    1. Olá Joana, seja bem vinda ao meu espaço!
      Muito obrigado pelos elogios!

  4. all things aside (which happened in the last week, i mean) you certainly did look great! pink in shades really suits you!

    xoxo, andie
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    1. haha thanks Andie. Yeah it has been a bit of a stressful week, hope things get better FAST!X

  5. love the white bag!


  6. Adorei, gosto imenso de rosa!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  7. Hii! I just add you. I liked very much your blog and I identify with you for you like a bit of fashion and travel :)
    I'm from Portugal and recently started a new blog, adds: http://made2read.blogspot.pt/


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