Musical Friday #49

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Hello everyone, how was your week? Mine… nooothing special for real… nothing…
This week I felt kinda down, I don´t know if it because I haven´t spoken much with my bf this week because he has been super busy with work, or the fact that we haven´t video chat for a loooong time now.  It could also be this stupid crappy grey weather in London, IT´S MAY FOR GOD´S SAKE! Also my acne isn´t helping me, this has been going on since October, I never had acne likes this before, most of the times is painful :S. Or maybe the fact that I gain FREAKING two/three kilos! *fffffuuuuuuuuuu* Since the last time I lost weight in 2008 due to a crappy break up, I lost about 5 kilos in 2 weeks, and since then I never gain my weight back, plus the fact that I was 2 times abroad and I’m lazy when it comes cooking so I was always “thin”. But now here in London, since I´m leaving with Family members, somehow -_- I gain weight… I think it was the jealousy of other girls -_- always commenting the fact that I hate Subways and Burgers and Pizza and never gain weight – it was true for a long time – but now pppfff… jealousy is a bitch! Lol I started noticing something wrong because some of my jjjeeeaannnsss didn´t close right… and then also my bra area bothered me a lot! And then last weekend I weight myself BAM 54 kilos. For a girl that is 1,60m and age 26, is not too bad… but…. I just don´t wanna spend money in new jeans -_- BAH… So I have to sort of change my diet, and try to do some exercise… which is NOT my forte! I haven´t worked out since I left High School… in… 2005… I only “work out” when I go clubbing and dance for hours, but that hasn´t happened much here in London… because is so ffffreaking expensive -_-‘,
Plus my internship is coming to an end (ends of June) and I have to start thinking what the FUCK I wanna do with my life. What job I wanna do… where I wanna live…
AAAAHHHHH… My dream job, I found out that is hard to get, even harder than I thought it was… the acting stuff. People won´t hire you if you don´t have an Agency, and Agencies won´t register you because you don´t have much (experience) to show them… unless you probably came out of drama school or something… oohhh live!
Here´s some songs that helped me cheer up this week. I will continue to was my X-Men DVD’s… BIG FAN! X

Rihanna - Where Have You Been – New Single – OMG I love this new single + video of Rihanna. I already enjoyed the song because of the beat and now the video with a sort of African pseudo-tribal dancing going on, it´s good to see her dance again in a video, because most of the times you see her solo dancing shaking her booty and stuff. My favourite detail is at 1:54 when all the girls come together and make a eye shape with their arms, and then they “blink” ;). Plus on that scene her hair reminds me of one of Whitney Houston´s hairstyle from like the 80’s.
Cheryl - Call My Name – New Single – OOOHHH guuurrrlll she can dance! I love Cheryl, regardless of what goes on in her personal life. Music wise I adore, but specially seeing her dance because she is really good. And again this is a great hit single, the more you here it the more you like! Plus her body is so freaking HOT!

RITA ORA - How We Do (Party) – New Single – This week while reading a magazine I discovered that Rita Ora has a record deal with Jay-Z! Damn gurl! Congrats! You lucky girl!

Nicki Minaj - Starships (Explicit) – New Single – This is the third single of Nicki Minaj´s new album and in my opinion I think is the best single of the three… then again it wasn´t hard to beat. This video came out 3 week after her second single “Beez in the Trap”. What happened to the time that you had to wait 2/3 months for a new video? I guess singers are feeling the pressure of the competition, it´s like if you stop, somebody will pass in front of you. Oh yeah THAT ASS! Be careful… don´t get to close to the screen it might poke you in the eye! haha

Kat Graham - Put Your Graffiti On Me – New Single – I´ve seen some of Kat´s previous singles but nothing caught my attention quite like this one… the beat… it´s all about the beat XD.


  1. Have never heard of Rita Ora before...but she ROCKS!!!!

  2. Isso tem um nome: Menstruação!
    Quanto ao peso... Tem mas é juizo... quais dietas pah!


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