Michael Fassbender on the cover of Esquire UK - June 2012

Karen what is this? I tell you what this is... It's Michael Fassbender on the cover of Esquire U.K. magazine for June, THAT'S WHAT IT IS! And if you don't know who is Michael Fassbender... well it means that you have been living under a bloody rock in the deep freaking Ocean! -_O
Seriously... all rages aside ;P, Michael is the Man of the hour, the actor everybody talks about! Well if you are into movies at least.
I guess the first time I saw a movie with Michael was 300 he played Stelios, but at the time I didn't know who he was, and let's face it, that movie was all about Gerard Butler - THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA!
Pass a few years forward and I guess the next movie I saw with him was X-Men First Class, and I fell in (platonic) Love with him <3. Early this year Michael was all over the place, because of the movies he started in such as Haywire, Dangerous Methods and the highly praised SHAME!
Honestly I don't think I ever loved an actor's work like I do with Michael, he is amazing, you can see that he properly studies his characters in order to bring them to live, he does an excellent work at it. In he mean time I saw other movies of his like Fisk Tank, Inglorious Basterds, Hunger, and wow, loved them all. He is not just a handsome 34 years old Irish-German with these amazing blue eyes that it feels like if he looks at you he is looking in to your soul kinda thing, he his actually a brilliant actor. 
Very soon the movie Prometheus is premiering and you KNOW who is going to be there! #hint hint duuuhhh. I do admit I'm going to see Prometheus first and foremost because of Michael, because this is not the type of movie that I would normally go to the cinema and watch it but I will make an exception this time >.<. In the movie he plays a robot, yes you read it well a ROBOT named Dave. Just watch the video below.

And now for some pics!

In the interview Michael talks about a passion for fast cars, that he likes to play ping pong with his mates at home, he lives a simple life style, that he is a sociable person and he likes to dance! When he was younger he used to be in a metal band, also talks a bit about Prometheus, and one of his next movies is going to be with his fellow friend Director Steve McQueen (from Hunger and Shame) called Twelve Years a Slave.  And rumour has it that he might be participating in a movie called The Counselor directed by Ridley Scott (same as Prometheus).
I actually bought this magazine :) and basically anyone that touched it I was all freaking out >.< "Be careful! Don´t bend the magazine! Be careful how you turn the pages!"
I know, such a banana I am. All this pickyness and I ended up being the one sort of damaging the magazine -_-. I was talking to a colleague and I touched the magazine on my nose, and I have no recall of putting makeup today, or if I even put the Benefit POREfessional thing, so the oiliness of my noises transfer to the mag to one of the pictures -_-, I actually haven´t found the picture on the internet oh well. 
Recently Michael also appears on GQ magazine, I think U.S. issue, and he admits that he is in a (long distance kind of thing) relationship at the moment, with actress Nicole Beharie (27 years old). With who he already worked with in the movie SHAME. Apparently Michael has a "thing" for girls with darker skin tone ;). So far that "we" know, this has been his 3 one (in the celebrity world). Huuummm maybe I still have a chance... NOT... or do I? o_O haha #dreamon

Prometheus trailer

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. 
The were randomly picked from Google Images.


  1. Não o conhecia ainda, mas o homem é super fotogénico!!

    xoxo F.

  2. Ainda n vi o filme mas estou ansiosaaa e com essa cara linda ainda mais :)



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