Musical Friday #50

Heeelloooo everyone. How was your week? I am BLOODY TIRED today! I had to do a delivery for my work, which basically in total was about 3 hours out of the office. London is a massive city ya?! Brrrrrr
Other than that my week was preeeetty boring... Except for ONE special highlight, that I will very soon share with you guys :D you probably have already seen in some Blogs (specially the Portuguese ones).
Tomorrow is Saturday (Oh really? No shit Karen -_-) sssoooooooo I think I will FINALLY SEE THE AVENGERS GGGGGRRRRRR HULK SMMAAASSHHHH! OMG I can not tell you how excited am I! I´ve been waiting for this movie for like a year now (since I heard that they were making it last year) and one of the main reasons I wanna see the movie is because of Loki, Thor's "brother", even though he is the bad guy, I loooove the character, or maybe I´m in love with the actor Tom Hiddleston haha! But I´m so GUTTED! That since the movie came out here in the U.K. 2 weeks ago I haven´t been able to see it, and some of my work colleagues, my boyfriend, other friend have... 
This is probably the first movie that I´m all like... people wanna talk about it to me and I´m like "sssshhhh, don´t! just... shut up! Don´t say anything, I don´t wanna hear! LALALALALALALALA >.
This year is full of Blockbusters movies, Oh My Days.... I´m gonna go bankrupt. haha The next one that I wanna see, even though I might shit my pant is "Prometheus", I do admit what is making want to see that movie is actor Michael Fassbender, THAT MAN! aaahhh oh that man! The Man (actor) of the moment! I mean just watch this video "Happy Birthday David", that they made to promote in a way Prometheus, he plays a robot called David in the movie. Everytime I watch it I giggle... even though he is not actually in front of me, I get so giggly... it´s those eyes, it´s like he is looking in to your SOUL! 
I kinda know the Aliens movies and I don´t know how the hell did Akuma Kanji convinced me to see them XD. 
Alright now, I´m going to bed, and watch a movie with... Michael Fassbender...
Enjoy the music.

Marina And The Diamonds - Primadonna - When I first heard this song I immediatly recognized Marina's voice, but I couldn't remember from which song... so I did a little searched and it was from "Oh No". Wow she changed a lot, I didn´t recognized her at all.

Nelly Furtado - Big Hoops (Bigger The Better) - New Single - I.. am.. still digesting this song, is been a while since I last heard of Nelly, that Spanish song that she released a year or two back, it wasn´t really my style and now this new single of her eeeehhhhh give me sometime I may come around it lol.

Alexandra Burke - Let It Go - New Single - Are those J.C. Litas that she´s wearing? Because for some reason they look kinda different on the ankle part... I don´t know... But then again... why would she be wearing fake Litas? Looooool

The Saturdays - 30 Days - New Single - Not bad.. it stays in the hear. There is also another version of the song here, sort of a Remix. But I prefer the original version.

Tulisa - Young - Do you know Tulisa? This year considered by FHM UK the hottest girl in the world? Tulisa started of a career with two other guys, they were the N-Dubz, they were quite famous here in the U.K.. Now Tulisa is trying out a solo career plus she is a judge on the singing show contest the X-Factor. Recently Tulisa had a sex-tape scandal :S. The tape contained Tulisa plus an old boyfriend of hers although you don´t see much of the guy, but the way she dealt with  the case was really top notch and fast, and I think the video has been banned of the internet, it´s illegal to circulate or something, good stuff.

I do not own the copyrights of these pictures. 
The were randomly picked from 9GAG / Neilk6


  1. Estarás cá para ir ver o Prometheus comigo ao cinema? **bjokas!

  2. Interesting mix of music. I love all kinds of music. This actually introduced me to Tulisa. Do you like her music?
    I would love it if you stop by my blog and hopefully decide to follow. Thank you and have a great day!



  3. Adoro a Marina e essa música está viciante :)



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