Musical Friday #52

Hello everyone! Hope you had a good week. FINALLY London is getting warmer!!!! I couldn't deal with the crappy weather any longer, not knowing what to dress. I went to the Park this week, aahh it was so good! Here is very common like, as soon as the sun comes out people go to the garden/parks and lay on the sun, barbecue, exercise. As in for Portugal, when the sun comes out we like to stay indoors, because who likes to deal with 40 degrees dessert heat? Or we go to the beach. We don´t have many gardens/parks like these ones in London. We do have forests, but in my case I would have to make a proper journey to go there, as in here in London I just get in the bus or Metro and in 10 minutes I there... Oh well.
 I have booked my ticket to return to Portugal, my flight will be at 6AM on Sunday the 24th of June >.< I don't think I'm going to sleep that evening haha.
This week I went to see movie The Dictator with Sacha Baron Cohen, it's a funny movie, but it short, and maybe not worth it to see in the cinema :S.
Other than that after work today I went to a Pub in Crystal Palace area with my work colleagues called Westow House, so cool! Loved the decoration, the vibe, everything!
Enjoy the weekend!

Linkin Park - Burn it Down - FRESHLY FRESH NEW SINGLE!!!! - You may or not know but Linkin Park is one of my ultimate favourite bands like evAr! Tomorrow the 26 of May they are going to Play in Portugal at Rock in Rio Festival. God, I saw them live twice, both in Portugal, in 2003 and 2004 (if I´m not mistaken) that was agggges ago, after that they already played like maybe 3/4 times in Portugal but I was never able to watch them, lack of company, money, The fact that the concert are in Lisbon and after the concert there is no night transportation in order to go home and bla bla bla... very hard. Anyways this is the First single of the new album "Living Things", that is due to come out on the 25th of June in the U.K. -_- one day before I leave the U.K. aaarrrrgghhhhh!

Soundgarden - Live to Rise (From Marvel's THE AVENGERS Soundtrack) – New Single – I first heard this song on the Radio, and A) I had no idea it was for the movie Avengers and  B) I heard it and thought “hum… this voice sounds like the Chris from Soundgarden…  but…  is he still singing” and the answers is yes. Such a cool song.

Florence + The Machine - Breath Of Life (Soundtrack for the Snow White and the Huntsman) – New Single – Another lovely song is this one from Florence for the new Snow White movie. Remember last Friday when I mentioned that one day I thought about the fact that I wasn´t seeing much soundtrack songs/videos lately and now BAM, there goes 3 XD. I seriously think that someone is reading my mind >.<

Maroon 5 - Payphone ft. Wiz Khalifa (Explicit) – New Single – Oooohhhhh this song… I think it fits so well for his last relationship. In case you didn´t know the lead singer Adam Levine, was dating a Russian Victoria´s Secret model named Anne Vyalitsyna. And they had a sort of a weird w.t.f. break up, like one day she was at a interview and the reporter asked like “So how´s things with Adam?” and she replies something like “Oh we are not together anymore… but we remain friends…” and mind you, Adam apparently didn´t know that she wanted to break up, and he found out the break up at the same time as everybody else, DAMN! And now guess who is Anne dating! JARED LETO from 30 Seconds to Mars! Double Damn!

Alex Clare - Too Close – Now this single and video are about one year old BUT, if you ever wondered what is the name of the singer and song for that new Internet Explorer publicity, that you possibility have seen on Youtube, this is it! :D   

The picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


  1. Great videos, and glad to hear it is getting warmer there!


  2. OMG I got shocked to know that Adam and Anne are not dating anymore!
    I feel so sad for him, he's my celebrity crush :D

  3. I am glad that the sun has come to London....hopefully we will have a nice summer this year! Hope you have enjoyed your stay in London and will visit again! Though it must be exciting to return home to see your family and friends! :) Have a fabulous weekend sweety!
    May x
    ps: Sorry for the late reply!


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