Musical Friday #51


Britain... Britain.. Britain... Heeelllooooo everyone! How was your week? Is it just me or did this week went by pretty fast? We are already in mid May…. Bloody hell! In a month time my internship is going to end and I have to go back to Portugal… but it probably won´t be for long… I will most probably try and return to London. I have to decide fast, so that way if I do return I can leave most of my stuff here at my family’s house and probably bring more stuff from Portugal lol. But if I do return I won´t live at their house for too long, hopefully I will be able to find a good house in a good area that I can afford. Who knows if my friend Zuzana also decides to stay here after she finishes her studies, we can live together again.
Pffffff other than that, I went shopping this week, bought a few little things, ai ai ai >.<. This Sunday I will try and organize my blog posts, I have loads of things that I bought but I still haven´t managed to post about it. Aaaaanndd I might film a video tomorrow… in case I have time and not too much noise on the background from my little cousin.
On the picture above, you can see two coffee cups with the U.K. flag, I asked my work colleague if I could have them, I thought it was so cute, and I decided to put my eye and face brushes in there :P. Do you like? Since being here I "found out" that coffee cups can be a cute (depending on the design print) cheap way to storage my makeup and hair brushes. :D
Have a good weekend.

Pitbull - Back In Time ( "Men In Black III" Soundtrack) – New Single – Sometimes I really thing that someone is reading my mind, or I predict the future I don´t know. A few days before this video came out I thought “It has been a while since I saw a video as a soundtrack for a Movie” and then BAM this happens! Anyways, I still don´t know what to think about this song… it´s a bit weird, you got the 50/60 rock on the background, and then Pitbull is rapping then there is this Drum’n’bass/Dupstep moment aaaghhh… nah…. >.<

Professor Green - Remedy ft. Ruth Anne – New Single – I love this song so much, Professor Green is amazing!

The Wanted - Chasing The Sun – New Single

Far East Movement - Live My Life ft. Justin Bieber – I’m trying to understand when is Justin singing… is it the chorous? There is a remix of this song here that includes Redfoo from LMFAO.

D'Banj - Oliver Twist – This song might not be to everyone´s taste… but I quite enjoy it haha >.<

The picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


  1. Karen!
    Ja nao vinha aqui algum tempo...:(( fogo ya pah, o tempo passa mesmo rapido..nem me digas nada! gostei dessas canecas para os pinceis ^_^
    Vais ficar a viver em londres? isso era mto fixe, nao??hehe
    Vou ficar atenta ao teu canal do youtube para quando sair o video eu ver logo eheheh
    Beijinhos pretty lady!!!

  2. Yea, agree with you about Pitbull's song. It is a bit weird... But I want to see MIB so much, so I was glad to see a soundtrack

  3. Even dough I love the music choice on your blog every time, your brushes are something I want right now!:)lol

  4. excelent songs choices !

  5. Love your choice!
    Those coffee cups look really cute!

  6. Nice post, I like the first picture! :)

  7. Acho que fazes bem em vir a Portugal e ficar cá uns tempinhos, mas depois volta e tenta organizar a tua vida lá :) era o que eu fazia, sem duvida!

  8. great songs!!! especially the last one!
    thanks also for your lovely comment in my blog!!


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