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Heeeeyyyyyy everyone! Sooooo this week I turned 26th years old! FUCKING HELL! >.< I still can't believe it.
My birthday was on the 18th of April, pfff what a day. You know those days that you start with your left foot? That was kinda of IT for me. There were no major tragedies, but a little thing here a little thing there, all of this happening on your Bday, is kinda of annoying. Don't you agree?
I asked for the day off, I went to one of those like, hair styling bars in the middle of the Shopping Malls, because I have 10 free hair styling sessions, I got them when I bought my flat iron with them, so I did like loose curls and the weather was like windy and kinda rainy and even though I used hairspray on my hair when I got home, the curls kinda disappeared throughout the day :(. At night me, my two cousins and 2 girls friends of my cousin, went to a Turkish restaurant, it was a lovely evening and when we returned home we ate some cake, the one that you can see on the picture. It's from Thorntons, my cousin bought it for me :D. As far as presents go, I got the cake and flowers and a ring from my family that I live with here, plus a Perfume from my Boyfriend from Carolina Herrera called 212 VIP. Now the thing is that me and my boyfriend we live in different countries (plus different continents >.<) and I'm not quite sure when I will be with him again, sooo I don't know when am I gonna get my Bday gift haha -_-. I have to go to a Perfume shop and smell it, let's hope he got it right, because I'm kinda picky with perfumes. The rest of the presents I bought from me to me lol.
Oh last Saturday I watched the Battleship Movie, it was quite good, have to do a review on that.
And right now I'm kinda pissed off, lol, I called the hair styling bar today to make an appointment for Saturday and the Lady says they don't do appointments on the weekend (Company's policy), and basically during the week is impossible for me to go because A, I work in the South, and the Shopping Center is in the North of London (I live in the Noth), and B they work from like 9h till 17h, I work from 9:30 till 17:30.... RRRAAAAAAHHHHHH! Bitches! I ended up hanging up the phone on the woman's face...
Since they don't check if I am the owner of that receipt I will ask my friends if they want to go in my place, so that the sessions don't go to waste. Aaahhh live.
Oh also today I found out that the model-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was also burn on the 18th of April but of 1987, I'm from 1986, so I'm one year older... and I look NOTHING like her, I don't mean like, because she is tall and Caucasian, is the fact that she looks more mature than me. I'm 26 and on my own  Birthday the waiter asked for my I.D. when I order a beer... how fucking annoying is that?
Have a good weekend guys!

Marilyn Manson - No Reflection – New Single

Garbage - Blood For Poppies – New Single

Taproot - No Surrender – New Single

Lostprophets - Bring 'Em Down – New Single

The Pretty Reckless – You

This picture was taken and belongs to Me/Karen U..


    wish u all the best<33


  2. Muitos Parabens, querida! (Desculpa o atraso)
    Desejo-te tudo de bom :)))


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