Musical Friday #45

Old Market Square in Nottingham 2010

Hello everyone! And Happy Easter! :D May you be filled with chocolate eggs XD.
Soooooooooooooooooo this week passed really fast, or is it just me?
Last Saturday I went to Stonehenge and Bath with my work colleague Mina, great trip, I was so dead by the end, I will try in the future to do a post about it. OMG I still need to finish my Posts about my experience and Prague, and Mozambique and my roadtrip las Summer, and now in London, ooohhh my daaayyyy. It's really hard for me to focus were I'm leaving at, with a almost 4 year old child always bugging me around.
Anyways, today after work I will be going to Nottingham! Haven't been there almost two years now. For those of you that don't know in the year 2009/2010 I was an Erasmus student at Nottingham Trent University, again it was an awesome experience not only party wise but also academically, they have a bit of a different measure of teaching which I found very good and accessible. I will be going with my friend Zuzana, who also was an Erasmus student on the same year as me, that were we met, and we will meet up with other to friends of ours from the same time as us Sarah and Maria. AAHHHHH I'm so existed just hope the weather is good . Is gonna be so freaking weird to go back to Nottingham.
Yesterday I had another Acting Class, OMG, I'm so tired. Did I signed up for an acting class or a gym class? XD We did some acting yesterday, ooohhh I love it so much. Whenever is my time to act, right before going I get a bit nervous “Oh no, I'm gonna make a full of myself, this is so embarrassing” but then once I'm in VVVUUUTTT I'm in the ZONE! I forget about everybody else in the room, is just me and whoever is acting with me. AAHHH WHAT A RUSH!
Hope you enjoy the music selection of today :).

P.S.: Oh by the way, I don't know if you get any notifications or not, but I've been replying to some of your comments/question on the same post, with the “Reply” option. Just to let you know. But I will still visit your Blogs when I got the time, ok? Xoxo

Jennifer Lopez - Dance Again ft. Pitbull – New Single – Jennifer's new video is muuuyyy caliente! And if you wanna have a Hit Single, “who you gonna call?” - haha you see what I did there lol – Pitbull of course! In this video, you can see Jennifer interacting with her new “boyfriend” Casper, who is also one of her dancers. You would think that after Jennifer married one of her dancers back in 2001 with Cris Judd she would not mess with dancers, plus to do a video with you love one in my personal opinion is almost like doing a Tattoo on your body with your boyfriends name... it's a curse! Coff Coff Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck “Jenny from the Block”.... I'm just saying... But HEY don't get me wrong, I still love Miss Lopez <3.
Rita Ora - R.I.P. ft. Tinie Tempah – New Single – Rita Ora, new singer of the moment. One word... RIHANNA! Haha Am I right? I mean night the music it itself, but there are certain tones of her voice that reminds me of Rihanna, plus some outfit choices that she made for this video. And like Jlo has Pitbull, in the UK, Who you gonna call to make a Hit Single? TINIE TEMPAH! God damn when will he release a new album already!!!! Oh and a certain part of a song like in 1:24m it belongs to another artist called Nneka “Heartbeat” cool song, check it. P.S.: Rumour has it that Rita may be dating Rob Kardashian....

Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart a Break – New Single – I don't hear many Demi Lovato's songs, but I quite like this one!

Gossip - Perfect World – New Single

DEV - Naked ft. Enrique Iglesias – New Single – I don't know what is DEV’s deal, but I think she releases a new video every month lol.

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..

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