Early Bday Gift! #1

Hummm what's in the box?
 OMG YA! Two weekends ago my sort of cousin (lol she is actually my mother cousin) that I am leaving with here in London surprised me with this amazing gift, SIX Nails Inc. London nail polishes. Now this is an early gift because my Birthday is only on the 18th of April and she gave it to me early because she wanted to make sure I liked it and if not she could return it. Anyways... Pfffff I was so blown away O_O, I can't thank her enough. As far as I know she ordered them online, she caught some special deal at QVC, I think. I've seen these nail polishes at Boots and they are not cheap! A normal nail polish (with a simple colour) can cost already like 11 pounds and the Magnetic polish ones a bit more than that, uuufffff. 
Picnik collage_2
Picnik collage_1
From left to right: Kensington Caviar (Topcoat); Boltons Place; Fitzrovia; St Mark's Square; Westminster; Windsor Castle.

So far I used the basecoat/topcoat and both Magnetic nail polishes, what I can say is the Magnetic ones will peel of ammaaazingly freaking fast! so I need to use a stronger basecoat or topcoat and if I wash the dishes I need to use gloves, like Dexter's Laboratory mother's style!
Would you like to see some sample of these nail polishes?

For more info check out the Nails Inc. London website http://www.nailsinc.com/

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. Claro que quero ver como ficam! Há aí cores lindas!

  2. esta aqui Karen: http://catsanyarah.blogspot.pt/2012/03/tag-11-perguntas.html

    Fogooooo so a mim é qe ninguem me dá nada (cof cof) lolololol mentirinha!!llolololoool

    Tas quase a fazer anos entao!!!:DD NICEEEEEEEEEEEE hehe

    Depois mostra como ficam!!

    Beijinhos guapa!!!!!

  3. Love this nail polish collection.This is a great post and I am loving your blog, it has a great style and like its layout, it has given me ideas for mine, so thanks so much for that ☺ I found your blog from a comment you left on another blog and really love it. It would be really cool if you could check out my blog and maybe follow it if you like it.
    Also, if you have facebook, I would be so grateful if you liked my page: http://www.facebook.com/newyorkdoll

    All the best,

    1. Oohhh thank you so much for the lovely comment. :) Glad you like my Blog layout :3

  4. É já no próximo dia 18... :P Já falta pouco não é amiga!?
    Quero ver essas cores em ti :P São bem lindas.. Adorei!
    Beijocas grandes querida***

    1. Aaahh pseee. E tu eh ja para a semana que vem hehe.


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