New in the Shoes Department #1

Picnik collage_1
My black Pistol Boots from Select.
I needed a new pair of practical heel boot in black, and incomes the Pistol Boots. I love them so much! In the begining I could only spot very expensive ones like from TOPSHOP for like 70 t 80£ pppffffffff and then I found these one from Select for like 18£. SOLD!
Picnik collage_2
My Minty Pumps from Primark. Do I really need to say anything? They are cute, freaky high, they are in these season's colour and only for 12£. Ooohhh Primark Primark... I wanted to buy ALL OF THE SHOES IN EVERY FREAKING COLOUR... but I can't I can't....
Picnik collage_3
And last but not least, these Silver "Stilettos" shoes.  Yes they have a red  sole but no, they are not Christian Louboutin lol they are from Select. They were only 10£ >.<. The reason why I still have the white price sticker, is in case I want to change them for a size up, I have 14 days t exchange. No worries I will take it off.
Soooo do you like any of them? I know I do XD

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. Gosto dos mint e dos prateados ;)
    Realmente esses pumps sao super altos...

  2. ai os mint! são terrívelmente altos mas adorei *.* devem ficar tão catitas nos pézinhos!
    e também gostei das botas :D boas para ir para qualquer sítio!
    beijocas *

    1. Fica giros nos pés ficam hehe. E as botas são super práticas!

  3. Darling I fell in love with your mint babes!! Gorgeous!!

  4. Olá querida!!
    Abro o teu blog e vejo sapatos, morri mil vezes ehhehe=) Que sapatos mais lindos;)
    E quanto mais altos são mais eu gosto;)

    Olha querida, quanto à base eu acho que eles só vendem Online, mas eles são aí de Inglaterra;) os produtos deles são fantásticos;)

    Desejo-te uma Santa Páscoa;)


  5. thanks so much for the comment sweetheart! oooh you mean those mint heels?? they're awsome!! i think i also saw them at primark - but i really didn't have space to try them on, and it was soooo hot in there. so i just didn't. haha:)


    1. yyeeahhh I know the feeling in Primark. It´s like a jungle sometimes!


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