My shoes #1


Before I came to London I had to do a massive clean up of my Bedroom and as I gather all of my shoes, I was kinda stupitfied. I had an idea of the shoes that I had but it wasn't till I put them all together that I was like "Damn 21 pairs? Really?". I know, I know, it's not much compared to many Fashion Bloggers, and my shoes are nothing aammaazziinnggg, but it left me kinda surprised, OKAY? -_- haha
P.S.: You can clearly see that I have a thing for sneakers / trainers >.< and black shoes.

Adding to these shoes I have another five. Three of them I bought them here in London and I already shown you on a previous post "New in the Shoes Department #1", plus another two that a close family friend of mine gave me because she wasn't wearing them anymore. They are a pair of black and simple sabrinas/ ballet shoes and a pair of the Classic Adidas in white, a pair of shoes that I always wanted but I never been able to get them. I normally don't save up for shoes, it's more like, they "die" it's time for retirement, and then I go buy a new pair, at a low price... I'm gonna try and change the system now, and invest in good shoes, something that it will last me more than a year anyways.


One thing that I really hope that one day I'm able to buy and fit somewhere in my parents house is like a some of furniture thingy, I have no idea how to say in English XD, but in Portuguese will be like "sapateira", a shoe closet... I think I can call it like that... in order to put all my shoes inside, at the moment they live under my bed, but one day I want to change my bed, right now I have a couples bed, and occupies A LOT of space in my bedroom, so I want to get one of those 1 and half body side beds, with another bed underneath in case someone comes to sleep over, so with a bed like that I have no space to put my shoe under it.
How do you store your shoes?

These pictures were taken and belong to Me/Karen U..


  1. Eu tenho um cantinho especial para os meus e já passei os sessenta pares, não há nada a fazer xD

  2. Quero umas allstar!!! :D:D

  3. You know how I store my shoes XD
    Quero ver a parte dois! :P

  4. Ah, e quero que mostres depois, se puder ser, como ficas com aqueles últimos Stilettos prateados e os Minty da Primark que compraste. Tira umas fotos com eles calçados e mostra, please! :D

  5. Wow you have good sneaker collection. I have only 3 sneaker pairs.


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